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Insanity Days 41 and 42

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hello Sparkers!

Today is Day 42 of Insanity - rest day! And I'm glad!!! Yesterday I had a Plyo workout again, and by the end of it, I felt like all my energy was gone. I was going through the motions of the workout. My head felt foggy, I forced myself to keep moving and finish the workout, but kind of felt dazed by the time I was done (I made sure to keep proper form throughout the workout). I barely drank any water during the day, which is extremely unusual for me. Even pre-Insanity I've always drank a lot of water throughout the day. Yesterday I don't think I had any water until Mid-afternoon.

Today was a rest day, and I was really grateful. I slept in (I do my workouts in the morning before work) and still had a hard time getting myself out of bed. I've been drinking all day long, but water has been going right through me all day long. So then I started trying to eat salty things to retain some water because I thought I remembered reading a comment about sometimes too much water can dehydrate you. I'm still really tired, but my body isn't sore or anything. My muscles don't hurt. My energy is just non-existant and my motivation is crap. I don't know what my issue is. By the end of my work day instead of coming home full of energy and humming and bouncing around the house I am dead on my feet and lethargic.

Tomorrow is a Cardio Day, and I'm hoping that putting myself to bed early today and doing just cardio tomorrow will help me. I don't know if I'm overdoing it to my body, or not fueling it right, or what. This didn't happen during the first month. Luckily I only have a couple more days of work and my weekend is mostly empty, so I can push through the next few workouts, pay careful attention to what I'm eating and make sure I'm getting in plenty of fruits, veggies, and my vitamins, and I'm going to try to get my butt in bed by 9:30 with lights out by 10 so that I can get more sleep.

I only have 3 weeks left - I can't fall into a rut now! I've completed 6 weeks! I'm 3/4 of the way through! Come on body - take me home!

I think for the next two days I"m going to be extra good about writing down what I'm eating in my planner book so that this weekend I can track my food on the spark tracker and breakdown what I'm actually fueling my body with. Maybe I'm not doing as good a job as I thought I was fueling my body.

I had my yearly review with my manager this year, and once again I was told how awesome I am, how I'm the number 1 in my department, I'm lightyears above and beyond my peers, how amazing and impressive I am, no goals to give me and nothing for me to work on, keep doing what I'm doing I'm wonderful... but sorry, we can't promote you because to promote you we would have to bump your salary by at least 15K just to make you meet the minimum salary of the next level up. How frustrating is that?!? I already knew I was underpaid in the position that I'm in now, but to not be able to be promoted even thought I'm doing the work because to promote me would mean such a difference in pay that they can't make without screwing everyone else over- others who aren't even putting in 30 of their 40 hours a week because they spend so much time screwing off and socializing? Ugh. And it would be difficult to try to go somewhere else because I'm only 26 and in this industry their is an age bias, and recommendations from so many nameless, faceless people won't mean much. So frustrating. And I wasn't able to get a second job when I tried a few months ago because no one wants to hire someone who 1) already has a job so they have limited availability and 2) already has a job when there are still so many people out there who don't have jobs.

I need sleep so that I can think and plan my way out of this.

Cardio tomorrow!

I hope you all had a Sparktastic day today!!!

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    It's very possible you were dehydrated from not drinking enough water, which affected your workout. Then sleeping in can throw off your circadian rhythm which could make you feel more tired. There might be other factors too, such as missing out on some vitamins and minerals or you might be coming down with a cold. Checking in with yourself about your progress is a good idea, as sometimes we put on rose-colored glasses and believe we're doing what we should. Making sure you're eating healthier foods, with variety, and drinking enough water while making sure to stick to a sleep/wake schedule should help you.

    Could you talk to your boss about doing a partial promotion? In some cases, companies are willing to partially increase someone's salary while training them in a new job while they're still doing their old job. It helps them to cultivate talent and ensure they can do the new job without losing them from their old job, which they can return to should it not work out. Also, just like when applying for a job, yearly reviews can come along with negotiating - specifically with salary jobs. You might consider putting together some ideas then talk to your boss again about how you can move up in the company. Some companies are impressed by those who want to move up and not just do the same thing forever. In fact, larger companies often have career maping plans in order to help the best employees move up easier. It might mean moving to another area of the company for awhile to move up, but it might be worth it.
    1603 days ago
    It sounds like perhaps your body needs some rest. If you are still so tired in the morning perhaps you could give yourself an extra rest day. Rest is just as important as exercise when all is done in correct proportion. Just don't overdue and overstress your body!

    1603 days ago
    Get a good night's sleep. I'm sure everything will work itself out! You've done such a great job so far, I know you'll be solid until the end!!!
    1603 days ago
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