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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Ok, I've been meaning to do this for weeks and here I am finally.
I was recently re-motivated to loose weight and get into better shape after a visit to the Dr revealed that I was pre-diabetic. My Hemoglobin A1C was slightly elevated, and when I had stepped onto the scale, I saw numbers that I thought I would never see again. Back in 2001 my hubby and I both had gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. Both of us had excellent results and we would both do it over again in a heartbeat. As the years have gone by, bad habits have come back to bite us in the butt. Anyways, the thought of possibly having to give myself shots and images of necrotic feet and poor healing foot ulcers was just the motivation I needed to get serious. I work at a hospital where we have a large population of diabetics who have diabetes related illness and complications. I see the worst of the worst, even on those you wouldn't expect to see complications with.
So I started a little drastically, and cut out almost every carb and fat! I went through some terrible withdrawals the first week. My hubby dished up a big bowl of one of my favorite ice creams one night and I got so angry! I had just returned from a vigorous walk fueled by my anger at him for something else. He didn't understand why I was so emotional, I was flabbergasted. He knew that I was dieting and exercising, did he not know that ice cream in front of me was downright cruel and unusual punishment and taunting in the worst possible way? I was angry, jealous, scared, and jonesing for sugar! He asked me what was wrong and I just stared at him and his bowl of ice cream, I think he got the idea, but continued to eat it. A little later, when I was calmer I explained to him that I was angry and scared about the pre-diabetes diagnosis my dr had given me. I skirted around the jealousy part, but did explain that watching him have ice cream in front of me was torture and I asked him to be more thoughtful. we made peace that night and I did some reading and talking to friends and came to the decision to reintroduce healthy carbs and fats back into my diet and I have been much saner since. I have only dealt with cravings a couple of times so far and I find that if I eat it slowly and savor the flavor, that less is more. I just need three squares of the hershey bar instead of the whole thing, (or the whole super sized bar!) 6 nacho cheese doritos (1/2 a serving size) satisfies my crunchy salty cheesy craving, I measure my rice and pasta dishes to just one serving, sometimes a half a serving, and compliment it with the main lean protein and a salad or other vegetable dish. I'm eating so many good foods and still dropping the weight!! My original goal was 50# by Christmas, that is a bit soon to drop so much, so I changed it to my 41st birthday in February. I plan on continuing my healthy eating and exercise for life, so I should keep dropping and hopefully my family will catch on and join me!
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