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September recap

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Another month in the books! Another busy month, and it doesn't look like it is about to slow down either. I am finding/making more white space on my calendar at work and starting to get back into writing. If I can get a couple blocks of writing time in per week, I think I can make some headway.

A recap of the short and long term goals for the year.

1) long term weight goal - I am still maintaining in the 180-185 range most days, with the occasional foray higher or lower. I haven't given up on losing more, but I am not focused on it now, I am happy to maintain where I am for now.

2) My eating and snacking have been good. I have a stash of healthy snacks at work so I have something I can grab if I am in a hurry and know that it won't derail my daily balance. I have been doing better about skipping the free donuts/cookies that randomly appear in the break room.

3) My exercise has been pretty solid this month. I managed to run 93 miles this month, plus play ultimate frisbee at lunch a few times (we are leading our division with a 9-3 record), and even get in a lunch bike ride. Plus commuting to work on the bike helps too. I try to run with the kids on the weekends since I leave too early in the morning to run with them then. I have started to run with the kids to the store to pick up milk, or to the farmers market to pick up bread and veggies. It has brought new meaning to the phrase "running errands"! I am at 773 miles for the year, 227 to go. I am on track to finish (if I can stay healthy!) I had two injuries in frisbee this month, a bad charlie horse in my thigh that I could run with, it was just painful, and a tweaked abductor/inner thigh that has taken a few days to get over. No big races this month, but I did a small race - a kid-parent adventure race, but that is for another blog.

4) Teaching is going well. I have three sections and have been having fun teaching them. A few students are struggling and I have been working more with them. The federal budget crisis is throwing a monkey wrench into the works. Our civilian faculty (20% of us) and our support staff are getting furloughed, so we are spreading the load over the military faculty to still get the teaching load done. Hopefully it won't last too long. The morale is low, after the civilian staff and faculty had forced furloughs through the summer due to the budget situation.

We had two additions to our family yesterday, a brother and sister Maine coon cat (long haired house cats). We adopted them from a rescue organization. They are both 6 and a little shy with the kids. The brother, Mudge, is friendlier and more likely to explore the house, jump up on the couch next to you or play with the homemade cat toy (beads and feathers on a long string). Mudge was named after the dog in the Henry and Mudge kids book series. The sister, Misty, is a bit shier. She has spent most of the time hiding in the basement under the bed or behind the shelves. I think she is a bit nervous of the kids. Hopefully she will warm up when she gets used to our level of controlled chaos! Will try to get some pictures up when I can.

Take care, everyone! Continue to strive to achieve your goals!
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