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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hey Friends,

Today has been an awesome day on my journey to 'one'derland! I jumped on the scale this morning, as I do every morning cause I am indeed one of those crazy scale people who weigh themselves on the daily, but anywho, I am pleased to announce that I am down yet another pound! I have almost gotten rid of 25 pounds of weight which is a huge accomplishment!

Last night, as I was walking, lugging around my little Mister who I must say is not so little anymore, it dawned on me that carrying him around at his 24.4 pounds of oooey baby goodness was basically the equivalent of carrying around the pounds I had lost. I concentrated on how hard it was to take each & every step holding onto his extra weight, I concentrated on every bead of sweat dripping down my face & I concentrated on how every movement I made was a hundred times harder - - in that moment I promised myself that never again would I go back to where I had been.

Being overweight is not comfortable, carrying around an extra 25, 50 or even 100 pounds is a lot of hard work, & you know what, it's a lot of unnecessary work that can so easily be prevented or reversed. It's taken a lot of dedication to get to this point but, I would rather be sweating my ass off, waking up sore as hell every morning for the rest of my life, than ever go back to getting up each day & knowing that I am slowly killing myself.

There is a quote I've always loved that goes like this,

"The worst thing,
is watching someone drown
& not being able to convince them
that they could save themselves
just by STANDING up."

I feel this quote describes where I was before starting my journey perfectly. I was drowning, this weight was pulling me down, it was suffocating me & I was in denial for months. I didn't want to face the music so I didn't. Only you can choose to save yourself, no one can do it for you & until you come to that realization, you will be in the same boat, struggling to breathe, gasping for air, to naïve to realize that all you need to do is stand up.

I'm so happy not to be in that place anymore. It's empowering once you realize that you create the life you want, once you learn that no one but you can tell you what you can & can't do, you will finally feel free & alive & at peace. You are the only one that can paint your life beautiful, you can't expect other people to do that for you! So make your dreams BIG & don't be afraid of falling short after all, the only true failure is the one who never even attempts to start!

Happy Sparking Everyone,

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