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To Me and All The Other Knuckleheads Out There

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sometimes I write a blog with the intention that I have a message or experience that I think a particular group may benefit from hearing. Occasionally I just want to express my happiness at some milestone I have reached. This is not one of either of those kinds of blogs. Rather, this is intended to be a swift kick in the pants. My pants. If someone else needs it, great, but right now, I just need to yell at myself.

For too long you have been bemoaning the fact that you have slipped some in this lifestyle change. Some good things have happened. You've become a runner and that continues to this day. You've lost one of two cholesterol medicines and reduced blood pressure medicine dosage down by a third of what it was.

Somehow though you have managed to regain 20 of the 40 pounds you originally lost. And you keep wondering why, as if it is some mystery. It is no mystery. Look in the mirror buddy. You're the reason you've slipped and the only person that will get you back to where you really want to be, is staring right back at you in that mirror.

You see, you got lazy. Complacent. You stopped tracking. You thought, this is second nature now or oh I can do this in my head. Right, and then you'd start tracking again and see how bad you were at mental estimates and for some reason, you'd soon stop again. And there would always be a reason, though never a good one. I'll wait until Monday to start the new week, I'll wait until the 1st and start the month off right. Better yet, I'll wait until the next month that starts on a Monday!

It's time to get back on track, once and for all. It starts today. Track everything. All food in, all exercise "out". Stay motivated. Make sure there is always a "next race" on the schedule to remain motivated and working. Follow a training plan. Get back to strength training. You had a good simple program that you could do without weights in about 20-30 minutes and after just 2 weeks, you felt like it was making a difference, but then one spell of a really hectic schedule caused you to miss one day, which became one week and now you haven't done any ST in about a month. You know it helps your running and your general health so to borrow a well worn, over-commercialized phrase - Just Do It!

You can do this. You know you can because you've done it before and then you were coming from an even worse starting point. You're good at being flexible with allocating calories eaten and with fitting in cardio around your crazy schedule. Just extend that to the rest of your plan. And track everything. How will you know if you're off track if you don't even know what road you're on?

It's time to once again reclaim your life and your healthy living lifestyle. It starts today. Right now. On a Tuesday!

Don't make me tell you again!
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