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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

So the chiro got my x rays last night and says he is going to continue his current course of treatment. Whereas I appreciate what he has done so far I was hoping against hope that he would have an "AHA!" moment when he looked at them and be able to tell me exactly how he could fix my problem. Unfortunately this is not a Lifetime Movie so that did not happen.

I'm disappointed but optimistic. We have two more weeks of the first cycle of treatment then he'll do another evaluation before starting on the next cycle. That along with exercises and stretches (if he will ever let me actually DO any) will hopefully help and I won't be paying this guy $50 a session three sessions a week for the rest of my life with no relief and no change. I can't walk or stand any longer now than I could three weeks ago and that depresses me to no end. I'm not quite ready to give up on him though, he said he will help me and I have to give this a shot since nothing else has worked.

That being said, strengthening my core and my quads can only help while I drop some of the weight I'm carrying on my knees and back at the same time. I am going to join a gym toward the end of the month although the only thing I'm approved to do is the elliptical. I feel like ten minutes on the elliptical (where I experience no lower back pain oddly enough) in addition to my three to four minute fast walks a few times a day can only help. Cardio is cardio. I did ask him again last night when I could start working on the stability ball but he's a little concerned I might hurt myself, not to say that he is wrong, I fell down walking across a field! :)

He also is convinced that I would lose more weight if I (a) got my candida under control (didn't even know I had it) and (b) stopped eating all grains of any kind. I'm really hesitating on the second one. I eat clean - whole grain breads, steel cut oats, brown rice or quinoa and I don't eat a lot of it. He wants me to cut out all carbs except for the "good" carbs I get from vegetables and fruits. I'm already cutting out as much refined sugar as possible to curb my sweet cravings and it's working. I'm resistant to his suggestion to cut out all grains but I'm considering it. Feedback would be nice on this. Anyone have any opinions? Experience to share? I've been tested I do not have a gluten allergy or intolerance.

I did go to the natural foods store and $100+ later (ugh) I am in possession of all of the supplements I think I need to beat this candida thing. He said there is a test but he doesn't think I need it because my tongue is coated white and because of my sweets craving. So apple cider vinegar 2 tsp in 16 oz of water three times a day, garlic, probiotics, evening primrose and caprylic acid in addition to the fish oil, B complex, Calcium, Multi, CoQ10 and D+ I'm already taking. Goodness!

One piece of good news, I found out Saturday that I no longer have low iron so I guess my iron plus c that I was taking did the trick and I stopped taking those. In October I'll get a full well visit and blood work up and see what else I might be dealing with. I'm also going to ask the regular doctor about this candida thing but in the meantime I will take the supplements since they can't hurt me.

Getting old sucks!
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  • MARY1964
    Candida is simplistically stated an excess of yeast and the wrong type of bacteria in your body. To combat it you must make serious changes to your lifestyle for a fairly long time. I'm really hoping that his diagnosis is wrong because it would really muck up my eating plan but if he's not I need to be prepared.

    I'm leaning that way DeAnne, we'll see what the MD says about all of this. I also am scheduling my first appointment with a nutritionist. First I have to get my wellness check done because I need the results of the bloodwork etc to determine the next proper diet. I'm feeling more committed to this on a long term basis and have started to put my plans into action.

    Changing your lifestyle is really like a part time job and I have been so busy with other things that I've let my part time job suffer the consequences. Now I'm doing my best to get back on track and stay there. If that means giving up grains then that's what I'll do but I want the opinions of another doctor and a nutritionist before I make such drastic changes.
    1606 days ago
    I never heard of candida, but it sounds like it might be your answer to some of the health problems you've had.

    Chiropractors usually start patients on 3X/week, then cut back to 2X/week and so on. We see ours once a month. When I first saw him, I could not turn my head to the left, and now I don't have any pain at all. He has also given DH and me excellent advice...that worked!...beyond what our MD told us. I am so glad I see him. He has lots of good practical ideas that improve our health.

    My trainer at the gym was in a body competition and stopped eating carbs for a few weeks. He only ate vegetables, except not carrots. He said his mood was like a roller coaster, and he started wearing long pants and a jacket in the gym because he got so cold. All because of limiting carbs to the extreme. But you will be eating fruit, which would be important to do. And I think this would be for a limited time?

    Glad you'll be asking your MD about your condition.

    Best to you!

    DeAnne, Missourians Team
    1607 days ago
  • RUDITUDI2000
    No, thankfully! This first phase I'm in will be 30 days, then I'll switch to a stronger supplement. I don't think the diet will change through the first 60 days. There will be a period of rebuilding that will occur after the cleansing of "the beast" if you will! LOL. Laugh or cry sometimes! I will be working through the whole process with my Functional Medicine Doctor.
    1607 days ago
  • MARY1964
    Thanks Jen I'll definitely look that up. I've been doing some research and it's all kind of confusing at this point. Do you have to eat like this the rest of your life?
    1607 days ago
    Sorry - I can only offer a personal opinion but I've got no training in nutrition and I don't have your health concerns, so who am I? Do you have access to a nutritionalist? I'd certainly look into it more...
    1607 days ago
  • RUDITUDI2000
    Oh my goodness...I am fighting the same thing, different expression of candida & I had testing done to confirm. If you do some reading up on what this is, its freaky. Freaky enough that I did follow the doctors orders exactly! LOL...
    I cut out all sugar, including fruit (except 1 cup of dark organic berries at most per day), cut out all grains, cut out all vinegar, yeast, brewers yeast, bread, grains, cut out dairy....I eat nuts, healthy fats/oils, all veggies -except white potatoes, 4 oz meat with my meals, I do have a vegan shake as my breakfast every day because its a great healthy way to get tons of nutrition in...I eat nuts too, roasted or raw.
    I am taking different supplements, there are many that can fight the battle with you. A great read about conquering Candida is called Recaging The Beast.....I found many more books at the library too. There is a great article in the HUffington Post online by Dr. Mark Hyman on candida. I am working and following the advise of a Functional Medicine Doctor here in Moscow Mills MO named Dr. Rebecca Furlano. Cheers to getting healthy!!! Sunny days ahead! emoticon emoticon
    1607 days ago

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