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My Journey #43 - Good Things Happening!!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

God is Good, God is Awesome and I thank Him for the good things that are beginning to happen since my last blog.

First, my weight finally dropped below 300 pounds, something that was really getting me down.

Second, yesterday (9/30/13) I had some GOOD news regarding my back problems.

I'll start with the first thing that happened, my weight finally dropping below the 300 pound mark. Today I weighed 299.7 which was two pounds heavier than yesterday, but still below 300. To condense, to have all my abdomen surgery last February 29, 2012, I had to lose down 50 pounds "at least" from the 320 I weighed when I saw the new surgeons who would be operating. I not only lost the 50 pounds which would have taken me down to 270 pounds, but I lost down to 246 pounds and had high hopes of getting to "Onederland" by the end of 2012.

That dream was dashed and I didn't make it because as soon as I was released by the surgeons and home health at the end of June 2012 at 246 pounds, I was hit with the sciatica pain and back problems in July 2012. I have had NO injury to cause this this, it is all from the osteo-arthritis, spinal stenosis and osteo-penia that I have in my back. From then, until 8/9/13, I gained back up to 324.1 pounds.......TOTALLY regained the weight I worked so hard to lose because I have been almost totally incapacitated because of the pain and inactivity due to the sciatica nerve and lower back, and my SI joints which have gotten worse.

I have been trying hard to get the ball rolling again, and while much of the weight gain has been due to swelling and inflammation, I have lost a great deal of it with the lasix that the doctor has me taking everyday. It has really affected me the weight gain, including my breathing so I am very grateful that the first 25 pounds is now gone and I can start working on the next 25 pounds to get down to 275 and then hopefully after Christmas and going into Spring, I can get back down to my lowest around 250 pounds. One thing's for sure, I have no intentions of giving up. I did it once before and I CAN DO IT AGAIN.

Secondly, and most importantly, God has continued to show his goodness towards me after my visit with the neuro-surgeon early last month. He referred me to a new pain management doctor who he personally highly recommends because he helped his son when he was in so much pain. My daughter and I saw him last week and were greatly impressed with him both in his knowledge and his compassion and his likeability (his "bedside manner", so to speak). He was very kind and had much empathy for the pain that I have had and did not speak "down to me" as I've experienced from some doctors. He also acknowledged my daughter and my friend who went with me because I have a hard time remembering everything and comprehending some things because of the stroke I had in 2001 which affected my memory.

This doctor said that first he wanted to get my pain under better control so he prescribed a new pain patch. I asked if it was those lidoderm matches because I have had them before with no relief. He said no, that it was a Fentanyl pain patch which is usually used in cancer patients for pain, and that he would start me out at a lower dose, not the lowest which I think is 12.5 mcg/hr but at 25 mcg/hr. He also told me take my other pain medication if needed but to take a half dose if the patch didn't entirely work. He said he could always increase the strength of the pain patch if the 25 did not work.

The other thing was that he agreed with me is that I needed some intensive physical therapy to help with the physical problems. He wants me to go into a "rehab hospital" if they approve me. An RH (rehab hospital) in the next city over, about a 45 minute drive, called me yesterday and interviewed me over the phone after they received the doctor's notes. The woman who talked to me is going to present the doctor's notes along with her notes to the doctor at the hospital and if he feels like I can be helped, I'll be put on their admission list when they have an opening. Right now they don't have any open beds, but feel like they will soon.

Will keep you all posted on what happens next. Thank you all for your prayers because they are very much appreciated.


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