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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October is one of my very favorite months. The cooler weather starts to stick around, the leaves change color, I can actually breathe again without horrible allergies kicking in. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yup. I like October. So I really need to make the most of it, and really make this month work for me!

But first, I've gotta recap the September goals...

emoticon Run 3x per week - keeping up distances for a half marathon in October emoticon
This didnt go as planned. I started off strong, but then once I got sick and was out of commission for almost a week it kind of went downhill. Then my knee started hurting. But honestly, I'm not upset. I need a break from running. I want my knee to stop hurting. And I just dont feel like I am motivated. I never registered for an October half marathon, so no pressure.

emoticon Strength Train 3x per week. emoticon
But not a complete failure, because I did finally start last week and I even got in an ST session yesterday, too. I feel focused right now on STing. Not just to make my knee stronger, but because I am enjoying how it makes me feel.

emoticon Read 4 books this month. emoticon
Ugh. I was making a comeback on my reading in August and then this month just completely fell off the book-reading wagon. I havent even finished the book I started in the beginning of the month. Not really sure what happened there...

emoticon Complete 2 craft projects. emoticon
But again, not a complete fail. I did complete 1 craft project - a scarf that I crocheted. And I am almost done with my quilt - I just need to do the binding which will probably get done tomorrow night. I made a huge amount of progress on it, though.

emoticon Re-organize my craft room and master bathroom. emoticon
I did re-organize the craft room, but not the master bathroom. To be honest, I completely forgot about organizing the bathroom. So, another partial complete.

So, it looks like for the month of September I was making an effort at least to accomplish the goals set, for the most part. It's definitely moving in the right direction, so hopefully I can build on that and keep going! Which means its time to set some October goals!

emoticon Strenght Train 3x per week.
I picked up some good ST momentum at the end of September and I'd like to keep that going! I want to see my body start to get tighter as we settle in for some colder months. Build good habits now before the snow gets here and all motivation flies out the window!

emoticon Swim 2x this month.
That's right! I want to get back into swimming! I fear I will need a new swimsuit since I havent worn mine in almost 1.5 years and I dont think it will fit anymore, but they might be on sale now anyway. I really want to start swimming again, so I need to just get myself out there. I'm being super lenient with myself on this one, setting a goal of only 2x the entire month. That's gotta be a start, though.

emoticon Complete 2 craft projects, not to include the quilt I am almost done with.
I am enjoying my craft time and want to keep it up. It helps me de-stress and relax, and seriously the time comes by so quickly when I am crafting. Fall and winter means holiday decorations!

emoticon Re-organize the master bathroom and under the stairs closet.
The bathroom needs a better organizational system. My counter is always cluttered and I never have enough work-space to do my hair and makeup in the morning. It's a huge counter so this is ridiculous. And the drawers are not organized in any meaningful manner. This really needs to get done. And the unders the stairs closet is a mess. I want to get it all organized so I can keep all of my fitness gear in there, including my bikes - I dont want to keep them in the garage during the cold months.

I think these are realistic goals. I am not trying to throw too much at myself right now. I have to travel again this month. But, we always need something to work for. I need to actually print these out and hang them somewhere, so I dont forget about them!!
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