When In Trouble, Drink Something Delicious

Monday, September 30, 2013

Haha, that has become my mantra recently. Delicious drinks have definitely been a saving grace for me recently.

For example, I've already mentioned the protein shake thing. I had another one late this morning when I got out and about to tackle my to-do list, and it kept me satiated well into late afternoon/early evening. When I did eat, though, I purchased a carnitas al carbon plate from a Mexican restaurant that had fajita steak, Spanish rice, borracho style pinto beans (stewed with bacon and veggies), and fresh corn tortillas. I can't quite count the calories on it, but I was successful in splitting the meal into lunch and dinner, so that's a plus. Considering that I was at about 1490-1500 calories yesterday and only had a 160 shake today besides that food, I think I'm sitting pretty.

The temptation, however, looms.

I've had the whole house to myself today since my parents went straight to the casino after work. I did alright while I was out and about running errands, but once I got home, the urge to eat unnecessarily set in. The biggest temptation of them all is that for some reason my dad decided to get, like, five or six boxes of different hostess cakes. This includes fancy cakes, oatmeal cream pies, Twinkies, rainbow sprinkle brownies, and those zebra cake things. UGH. SO MUCH SWEET TOOTH TEMPTATION.

I'm not really all that hungry after finishing my food. But holy heck, I want one of those fancy cakes. One is sitting on my bookshelf right now, actually. It's just staring at me. Calling to me.

So what do I do? Delicious beverage, of course!

Right now I've got a pot of coffee brewing, and it smells absolutely DELICIOUS. It's caramel apple flavored coffee (YUM!), and I've got sugar-free caramel macchiato creamer at just 15 calories per 2 Tbsp to flavor it up with. That's less than 20 calories a cup if I use the full creamer amount! And if I drink the whole pot coffee I will definitely be way too full to even think about touching one of those unholy snack cakes.

Good job, me! (haha, trying to stay encouraging and positive).

Protein shakes, fancy teas and coffees and even the occasional soda - that's what's keeping me focused right now. Hey, if the shoe fits, right?

Anywho, there's not much else for me to blog about - oh, except the mattress! I did go out to check out some mattresses today, and went to the big name place first. The guy was super eager to make a sell (apparently I was the first customer he'd seen that day and it was after lunch!), but the cheapest mattress set I was willing to tolerate had a $800 price tag on it. Yikes! Even when the guy was willing to knock a hundred bucks off, that was way too expensive, especially considering it wasn't even a high end mattress. I told the guy flat out how much I was willing to spend, and he still kept trying to push me to sets in the $999 plus range. Oh, that and he thought the best selling feature to highlight was that certain mattresses were ideal of my - ah - need for high weight support.

Um, excuse me? I'm not the skinniest person around for sure, but I'm definitely not heavy enough for "extra weight" to be a concern! According to dress size I'm actually average! No thanks.

I went to a local family-owned place after that, and was much more pleased with the selection and the salesman sticking to the price range I told him from the get-go. And come to find out I found a mattress that I absolutely LOVE. Like, we're talking I sat on the think and instantly had a cut-scene daydream moment full of clouds and little cherub guys and the certainty that if I laid down, I would never get back up. And it was in my budget (on the high end, though, but still in range!). I've spent the rest of the day working on my finances, determining if I should either deplete my savings and buy it outright or do a 90-day same-as-cash lease option that would have no interest if I paid it off in time. Either way, a bit of sacrifice here and there and getting this mattress is a serious option right now! That's exciting!

Haha. You know you're an adult when you get this excited about a mattress. My intent was only to scribble out a short paragraph on it! If anyone is still reading this, they're probably bored out of their mind.

Well my pot coffee is near done, and smells too delicious to ignore any further. Here's hoping the weigh-in tomorrow isn't too devastating (I would be happy to stay right at my two pound loss for the month), and I can keep making progress in the right direction. Every little bit helps, and I'm going to keep telling myself that as long as it keeps working for me.

I hope all of you have had a great start to your week and are making great choices for yourselves!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I too drink coffee to satisfy my hunger or should I say cravings. I use Coffee Mate Italian Crème for a little sweet flavor. No sugar added.

    It sounds like the salesman was a piece of work. Glad you by-passed him and went somewhere else. He was looking for a commission and not really interested in your needed. Glad you found a comfortable mattress set for a reasonable price. Great job! emoticon emoticon
    1606 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    That coffee sound delicious! Glad you found a reasonable mattress from a local place! It's alays better to support family owned than the big boys, lots of big salaries for a few people who don't even sell anything. Sounds like company needs to work on customer service and pleasant sales tactics.
    1606 days ago
    It's about that time in my life, too. T..T I was noticing that our mattress was looking a little worn last time I washed the padded liner. It has a few small holes in it, and some of the springs aren't springing back like they used to. I checked the date on the tag- 1994! HOLY COW!

    I mean, seriously? WTF husband? You've had this mattress since I was 14! It's nearly 20 years old!

    We had a lot of big expenditures this year on the bathroom remodel and the new patio door, so we're going to have to wait on the mattress. I think it'll be next year, for certain, though. Maybe after the tax return! Don't they usually have big mattress sales for president's day in Feb?
    1606 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    yay for a mattress! I am glad you got the service you were looking for AND got what you were looking for! I want a bed like that :)

    Keep up the great work - I am glad you are trying new things. That drink sounds like it may continue to help you out! Also, good job with splitting the one meal into two!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1606 days ago
  • RENATA144
    emoticon emoticon looking good !
    1607 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!
    1607 days ago
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