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Monday again.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Back from another weekend. Looking ahead, though, this week looks like it should be pretty calm, or boring. But I really want a break, so that should be nice.

On Friday I left work early. I was exhausted and had a headache so I went home. And then I felt energized so I worked on my table top quilt! I started adding the sashing to my quilt blocks and got about halfway done with that. J came over around 6ish and we went to sushi for dinner. We thought about going to see a movie, but nothing that is playing really super-interested us so we went home, and watched The Newsies. I love that movie! J had never seen it, and sadly wasnt impressed. We have very different taste in movies, and he never enjoys my movies. It all started with Dirty Dancing... *sigh*

Saturday morning we went to Ihop for breakfast (!!) and on the way there my knee was hurting quite a bit. So in the car I made the decision to not even try to run that day. It meant not running the Hot Chocolate 15k next week, but honestly I am ok with it. In fact, while driving we saw people running along the street, and I wasnt even jealous. I think that is a pretty sure sign that I am just not feeling it right now. I want my knee to heal, so I am going to give it the time it needs. Do some strength training and lower impact cardio. Honestly, I am pretty excited about the ST I've been doing and my dance classes that I think my heart is just somewhere else right now. I'll probably start training again in mid to late November for the Disney Princess Half in February, but for now I'm good. It doesnt mean I'm not going to run at all - it's just not going to be my focus for now, so if I run ok, and if I dont, thats ok, too. I am pretty happy about this decision because it's a decision I am making. Not one forced on me by other circumstances.

I did end up going to the gym on Saturday around 11am and I was there for a solid 2 hours. TWO hours! I cant even remember the last time I put in a good 2 hours at the gym. I did a full body workout on the machines and it was fantastic. I didnt feel rushed, the gym was fairly empty. And then I did 45 minutes on the recumbent bike while I read a book on my kindle. I admit, I look at people funny when they are on the cardio machines with a book or kindle. But I will tell you, even though I was reading, I was still getting in a good workout and my heartrate was steady around 145, which for the recumbent bike is really good for me. And it made the time pass. What a great way to spend 2 hours on Saturday! Then I headed over to the commissary to buy food for the week.

When I got home I was starving but I also was low on time and had to bake some cupcakes. We were going to J's coworker's house for dinner and I said we should bring a dessert so I offered to make cupcakes, not expecting that I would be at the gym for 2 hours! So I was multi-tasking: baking and eating lunch at the same time. I wanted to bake something sort of fall-ish since the cool weather has me pretty happy, so I took out my Betty Crocker Big Book up Cupcakes and came upon an apple-flavored cupcake recipe. I decided to give that one a try, and even though it's a Betty Crocker recipe book, and Betty Crocker makes box cake mixes, it also gives you the recipe to make from scratch, so that is what I did! It wasnt that difficult at all. The prep time took a little bit longer than using a box mix, but really not all that much. Then I threw them in the oven for 23 minutes. They came out great! While they cooled I got started on the buttercream frosting. I feel like the last few times I've made frosting I've really struggled with getting the consistency right. Thats a bit annoying. I also wanted the frosting to be red, and despite using almost an entire bottle of red food coloring, it still ended up looking pink. Oh well, apples can be kind of pink, right? I wanted the top of the cupcake to look like an apple. I stuck pretzel sticks in as the stem for the apple, and then added some candy leaves and a gummy worm. Overall, they were pretty cute. I brought a small box of 9 cupcakes with me to J's house, with my dog, and then the three of us headed to his coworker Jessica's house. It was nice that Buffy was invited too - her and her husband have three dogs and two cats.

I had never met the couple before but they were very nice and welcoming and knew quite a bit about me, which means J is obviously talking about me at work. Always surprises me, though it probably shouldnt. Jessica's husband left about 30 minutes after we got there because he had plans with this friends but J, Buffy and I stayed and watched football. We all ordered a pizza for dinner, and then I helped Jessica decorate some cupcakes for her step-son's birthday. They were minion cupcakes - minions from Despicable Me! I helped her frost the cupcakes and decorate the twinkes into minions. They came out super cute! We left around 9pm and I had a good time over all.

Sunday J made us cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then he had to head out and teach a Boy Scout troop for their Crime Prevention badge. So I went home and spent 4 hours quilting! I finished all of the sashing on my quilt, made the quilt sandwich with the batting and backing fabric, and machine quilted the quilt sandwich! I only made straight lines on the quilt, though I admit they are not so straight since when I sewed my quilt blocks to the sashing they didnt come out perfectly square. But it overall looks nice, and hey, it was my first try! You can learn without practice! All that is left to do is the binding, but after 4 hours of sitting in front of my sewing machine I needed a break! Plus, I sliced my finger on the rotary fabric cutter :/ It is fine and didnt even bleed, but does hurt a little bit. I spent the rest of the day laying on my couch watching The Vampire Diaries season 4. I really needed to rest, and since I hadnt slept well Saturday night it seemed like a good idea. I didnt get any cooking done as planned, but I am ok with it. I am planning to throw in something in the slow cooker tonight when I get home, and also cook a meal tonight so that should be enough for the week.

I weighed myself this morning and I am down like 2.5 lbs from my Thursday weigh-in so it was obviously water-weight. I am not back down to where I was before that, but I will get there. I know I am doing what I need to do.

I have nothing important going on this week, except writing up an awards package today that is due tomorrow. I am nominating myself for an award, because I was told I have to. I am horribly at writing these packages, and J was supposed to help me, but he forgot. I am going to try to get him to help me tonight after work. Other than that, mostly just phone calls I think. I have to go to the DMV because my car registration expires today. I can re-register online but since I am military and register as a non-resident, I have to bring my orders and some other paperwork. Super annoying.

Ok, that is all for now. Time to catch up on everyone else's blogs. Have a great Monday!
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