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Day 39 of Insanity!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello Beautiful Sparkers! Today is Day 39 of Insanity!!! And it was my first day doing max recovery, man, what a workout! My arms were jello by the end! I had to add on some additional stretching at the end because my muscles still felt some tightness from the workout. It was a great video, but I kept getting distracted by things and restarting sections, lol. It was a 45 minute video that ended up taking me about an hour and 15 minutes to finish. But today was a lazy Sunday anyway, so I don't mind. I'm doing laundry, picked up some fruit for my desk at work, and once I'm done blogging it's time to get to cleaning!

Yesterday was a great day - it was my first day doing the month 2 cardio workout, and the most I can remember of it is that I felt like a baby and had a hard time pushing myself. Today I think I kind of caught on to my problem. My mindset slowly starting slipping back into a negative thought of, "I HAVE to workout" instead of the truth, "I WANT to workout." For example, I went to the fair yesterday and I had to leave the house by 11:10 to meet my friend. So I was laying bed, tired, and thinking, "I HAVE to get up now because I HAVE to fit my workout in before I leave for the fair." It made me not look forward to working out, because my mindset was that I HAD to. But the reality was, I WANTED to. I WANTED to work out BEFORE the fair and not after. I WANT to do Insanity, I want to be healthier and fitter and lose weight and gain tone. I caught onto it again this morning when I was thinking, "I HAVE to do my workout and then shower and then head out to the store, etc." and I even got so far as to putting my sneakers on and pushing play on the DVD player... and then stood there sulking because I didn't want to do the workout yet... and I just realized, "sillyhead, you don't HAVE to! Go run your errands, start your laundry, come back and do the workout later when you're in the right mind frame." So I did. And I really enjoyed the workout because I wasn't forcing myself to do it anymore, I was in the right frame of mind, relaxed, I had gotten some tasks done, and was ready to tackle the workout.

Given how long these workouts are in month 2 and the difficulty I have dealing with that, I'm really going to need to keep an eye on not reverting back into my negative thinking pattern of "I HAVE to" and remember that I'm doing it because I WANT to and because I love all the side effects of working out.

I had a lot of fun at the fair yesterday with my friend! We walked around for hours. My only problem was I was a bit dehydrated because the lines were so crazy long for the bathrooms that I didn't want to drink too much and have to keep going and going and going. So I paced my water intake but then after the fair we went out to dinner and we both drank a lot of water, which was pretty funny. Turns out she was doing the same thing, lol. I noticed my legs and feet were doing really well walking around, which was fan-freaking-tastic. It's always been something that's held me back since I gained all that weight. I wouldn't complain and ruin it for anyone else, but internally my legs and feet would hurt when we would walk around for longs periods of time. So it was a really nice side benefit of working out to not be uncomfortable at the fair!!!

My friend is pretty health conscious so we were both in agreement that we wanted something healthy for lunch, but I had also decided I would have a treat while at the fair, which I was planning on being fried pickles, but then we saw a chocolate fountain and I decided I really wanted some pineapple dipped in chocolate. Turns out they wouldn't sell just pineapple on a stick in chocolate, you had to get the assortment. But the assortment had 1 pineapple chunk, 1 strawberry chunk, and 3 marshmellows, and cost me 5 bucks. I hate marshmelllows, except in hot coco or melted like on a smore or in brownies, so I basically paid 5 bucks to eat 1 strawberry and 1 pineapple chunk dipped in chocolate. *eye rolling* That's what I get for not being more careful. On the way out of the fair I saw my parents and my nieces and nephew, who were sad that we were leaving so it was a bit bittersweet. I got a, "I wish you were staying longer Auntie Jen, I wish you would walk around with us" and I told them, "I wish grandmpa and grandpa had told me you would be here because I would have timed it so that we could have spent time together" and I gave them big hugs and promised I would come see them this week. They are some of the most awesome kids ever in the whole world. Granted, I'm a bit biased! hehe.

Tomorrow is that crazy 60 minute interval training again (the one that I loved, hehe) and then is another Plyo workout, and then a rest day. And then I'll be done my first week of month 2!!! Crazy! As of today I've done all of the workouts once, so now I know how to modify the moves and what works for me. Time to get down to bid-ness! (you gotta say that with a gangster accent for it to sound right).

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! Have a Sparktastic rest of the day!!
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    I struggled with the "have to" mentality in Month 2 of Insanity too. The videos were just solo long. I pushed through them though and you can too. emoticon on the fair. YAAAYY your body is changing for the better. Max Recovery is really one hell of a workout, it's more workout than recovery in my eyes. You're doing AWESOME though. emoticon emoticon .
    1515 days ago
  • UFEDAK85
    Way to go! I did Max Recovery the other day, and I have to say, not my favorite! emoticon I like sections of this workout, but overall, not something I look forward too. I'd much rather do all the other ones than this one.

    You are doing great with this program! Love reading your thoughts about the workouts. Keep up the fantastic work!
    1516 days ago
    It's fantastic that your feet and legs felt better with the large amount of walking around. You will see changes like that throughout your life as you go forward with your workouts!

    When you have to do your workouts because of time and you have that feeling of "oh I HAVE to do it"... focus solely on each exercise as you do it, I mean really concentrate. This forces the negative thoughts out of your mind because it is totally occupied with focusing on the exercise ! Before you know it, the workout is over and you are feeling accomplished !

    It's also great that you found out that your companion is health conscious too. Much better than those other negative co-workers !
    1516 days ago
    Wow. You're really doing amazingly well!!
    1516 days ago
    If you find yourself not wanting to do a workout, you could also convince yourself to do only 15 minutes. Many times if you do 15 minutes you find yourself wanting to do more. Also, you run out of time in the morning to finish a workout (because they're longer now) you could do half in the morning (just be sure to cool down when you stop) and half in the evening. You'll get much the same benefits.

    When you feel like "a baby", remind yourself that you are a "baby" at this whole healthier lifestyle. You're still relatively new at it and slowly growing into it. Though now that you're in month 2 you're probably more of a toddler. At the end of month 2 you'll be a tween, and so on. As you grow in this healthier lifestyle you'll feel more and more comfortable in it.
    1516 days ago
    I'm really enjoying your blogs, and it's so wonderful to see the thought that you're putting into this! I wish everyone would work so hard to get to the bottom of their behaviors the way you are doing!
    1517 days ago
    You are doing FANTASTIC!!!! emoticon
    1517 days ago
    1517 days ago
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