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The insane emotional food spiral.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

If you've been reading, my knee hurts. It's been hurting pretty crazy for the last month. It's causing me to not be able to move as far or as fast as usual. It's making me crazy.

So I'm frustrated. When I'm frustrated I tend to start to crave sweet things. I do not have many of the things I would normally munch on, so I'm going at some things that are sweet, but not as desirable, so therefore I eat more of them.

Then I get frustrated that I'm eating that much again.

Fortunately I start every day new. Sometimes it's just getting to the end of the day that is a problem. I'm not really hungry in the middle of the day where most people would eat a decent lunch, so with one small snack in the middle of the day, I'm hungry by dinner time.

Then comes the after dinner sit down and eat. I know I'm doing it. I know I'm not hungry, but I do it anyhow.

I know i can stop it. I know the things I can do instead of eating, but I do it anyhow.

I need to stop. Stop going to food out of frustration. Stop complaining about gaining weight because I'm making improper choices. Stop making the wrong choices. Stop the mindlessness that I'm gaining.

I need to start. Start finding other ways to work out that aren't hard on my knee. Start leaving the food on the shelf. Start embracing my husband's new found health kick. Start finding things to occupy my time that also takes up my hands so I can't eat while I'm doing those things.

I can do it! Fortunately I don't stay on the spiral long. It's easier to slide down the spiral, but the long walk back up is worth it.

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  • KAREN608
    You could focus on toning your upper body, and giving the knee a rest. Maybe some hand weights in your hands so you can't snack the night away, or a puzzle book or stress ball, or ??? You'll think of something.
    1633 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    emoticon I KNOW emoticon emoticon
    1633 days ago
  • CODYG123
    I can so relate to what you are going through.

    I've had some knee issues off and on for months that seem to be a result of trying to fix a dislocated foot joint with orthotics. After almost 10 adjustments the knee thing seems to be better. Icing helps, as well as some ibuprofen taken before exercising. Impact exercising is out of the question for me so I'm using my stationary bike and getting to the pool a few times a week. I found a waterproof mp3 player last week and my water jogging/dancing now rocks!

    As far as the crazy eating thing, it's really tough. Food is such a comfort, yet in the long run it isn't at all comfortable to be carrying around extra weight. Before I snack I ask myself if it is really food I need. Maybe I need water? Maybe I need to play my ukulele? Maybe I need to knit something?

    I'm sure you will get it figured out and then share your success with the rest of us.

    1633 days ago
    You might try swimming. Even just walking in the water will provide gentle resistance. Easier on all your joints.
    1634 days ago
    Have you tried doing some of the chair exercises - that way you are still getting in some movement but it would be easy on your knee. It might also be a way of getting away from the snacking - perhaps when you feel a snack-attack looming you could focus on a low impact exercise of some sort from an online DVD.

    Each day is a new day and it is a healthy approach to look at it this way rather than stress out for not achieving on any particular day.

    1634 days ago
  • KRIS81TIN0
    Hang in are not alone. I just finished off a bowl of guacamole and chips on the couch after a day of eating on track. 95% of my unplanned calories show up after 8:15 pm once the kids go to bed. Working on it everyday...just like you. Tomorrow's a new one!

    1634 days ago
    Have you tried spinning classes? They are an awesome workout and they don't bother my bad knee.

    1634 days ago
    Good luck getting yourself sorted out and back on track. I hope your knee pain gets better very soon!

    1634 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Easy to relate to turning to food when in pain or frustrated, as have done it myself. I do try to keep some type of low calorie drink or even ice water when I sit down, even when working on a hobby to keep me from getting up for unhealthy treats. Sometimes, we just get a bad day and nothing seems to help, other than the mindless snacking---try for popcorn is my go to. emoticon emoticon sometimes we just need those off days, even tho we know we shouldn't. I know you will get back on track, you have before. Try not to get down on yourself, it adds to the stress and more eating.
    1634 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/29/2013 4:24:38 PM
    Use visualization to reprogram your brain the way
    athletes use visualization to improve their performance.

    In the morning before you get out of bed, picture
    yourself going through your day eating in the way
    you want. Affirm to yourself that you can make these
    choices. You are actually reprograming your brain
    to make new choices. Be patient. This really works! emoticon

    1634 days ago
    Maybe you can prepare a drink of water or tea with a straw and sip on it. I find that helps me a lot. It gives you something to reach for when you get that anxious, depressed, frustrated feeling.
    1634 days ago
    Sometimes as supportive as our husbands are when they get that bug and go on a health kick it can also be super frustrating because they will just drop weight and we have to really struggle to lose half or even a fourth of what they lose. Since he is on a health kick have him clean out the pantry, rid the house of those foods you mindlessly munch on. Have you had the knee looked at? I am just coming to your blog and am not sure what all is going on with the knee but when I am sore I tend to rely on my exercise bike and in the summer I swim when I can. I hope you can find something that works for you.
    1634 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1634 days ago
    1634 days ago
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