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Wedding Fun

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My youngest son, Chris, was best man at his good friend Travis's wedding last night. Chris had worried and stressed about the event all summer, not knowing if he would be able to get off work on a weekend (he's a railroad engineer) without getting into trouble. Finally about two weeks ago he talked to a guy who is in charge of vacations at the RR, and took his second floating week of vacation this last week, to ensure he would be off work. After that, he seemed to relax and enjoy himself.

We are not close friends with Travis's family. In fact I think I only met them once when they hosted a high school graduation party for the boys at their house. That was almost 10 years ago now. Time flies.....

But as the Best Man's parents, and of course we know Travis quite well, we were invited to the wedding. We hardly knew anyone else there, except for another couple who are close family friends (but closer to my boys' age), but it was a nice event, and we enjoyed seeing Chris get to "cut loose" for a change and have some fun. He has worked so hard the entire summer (the RR's busy season), and even on his time off, does not drink, because they do tests all the time for alcohol, drugs, etc. So last night he got to party, since he won't go back to work until sometime Monday. We are so proud of all our sons, and this youngest one is a special person. I hope he meets a young woman soon who will recognize all his fine qualities! I say that with mixed emotions, however. Since Chris still lives at home, he is a HUGE help to both of us, and I know that will be needed even more as Du's illness progresses. I thank God that Chris has remained at home all these years since high school, and if he does marry, or get involved with someone, I plan to offer them the basement (where his bedroom is), as their apartment, at least for a while. Do you think they'll go for that???

His two older brothers were in no hurry to move out of our home either. They both moved out with friends into apartments for short periods of time after high school, but never stayed gone from home for long. We always welcomed them back, although when they moved back home, they were responsible for doing their own laundry!!! Both of them finally bought their own homes when they were each 27 (five years apart), and moved out for good. Chris is 27 now, so I know he won't be here with us forever. But I'm sure not anxious for him to move out.

The drinks and food were served at a bar, clear on the other side of the room from where we sat. Of course the tables were close together and it was difficult to get through. I remember at my sons' weddings, how much trouble I had getting through the close-set tables to greet friends and family members. It was so frustrating. Last night, I could squeeze through a tight spot on my way to get a diet soda, etc., with confidence, knowing that if I DID bump into someone or something, it wouldn't be because of my morbid obesity. I knew people wouldn't be laughing at me as I stumbled through the tight spots. Confidence is a wonderful thing!

The only other guests at the wedding, that we knew. They are a wonderful family with baby #2 on the way!!

The Best Man (Chris) with Du & I.

The Bride & Groom

The Groom & His Best Man!
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