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Sweet mind and a bit of sweeteners

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I've read this blog today and it inspired me to comment on that
I always read her blog, and maybe you do too:) You should try at least, that's a very good read.

Ok, back to the subject.
It started so good, but got so disappointing in the middle. Ending was good too:)
Stevia really? There's absolutely no difference.
Natural in the beginning doesn't mean anything, almost all things are natural ...
Most drugs and even cigarettes are all natural. We all know that natural actually means NOTHING and we should never fall for that marketing trick.

Let's dig a little dipper, sweeteners on there own are completely harmless in quantities we are able to physically consume, like you can't drink 1000 gallons of diet soda in a day.
This is just a scientific fact, they have all the approvals.

At the same time there are plenty of studies that show that sweeteners can lead to overeating and obesity, so lets think about what they trigger.
At the ground level our bodies are pretty smart, and our cravings are bodies way to request some specific nutrients. For obese people bodies become a bit stupid and the work the same way, if it wants some thing - you crave it.
Lets say you've been eating a lot of sweets, like me before healthy lifestyle.
We're talking about huge amounts of sugar each day.
And all of a sudden, you replace most of it with sweetener, no matter which one.
You'll good at the beginning, but very soon your body with come to understanding that there's actually almost no sugar, 10% only, so when you'll eat normal food or normal sweets your body would be telling you that you need 10 times you eat you gain weight.

I want to stop on the sweeteners, cause they are not really that important...
If you eat healthy there's nothing wrong with having your diet coke, I like roman coke.
Bottom like is that they are not a tool or facilitator to be eating healthier, they can just be part of a healthy diet, I like diet coke simple because regular is too sweet for my taste.
You can have stevia, there really nothing wrong with all those substances.

Now, lets deal with the real issue here - addiction to sweet things.
First step is to test if you really need sugar, here's what you do:
1. Stop eating all kinds of sweet products for a week. To hard, check number 2 - it'll be easier.
2. You can eat anything else in any amount you want. And not like in your crazy diets, I mean anything and in any quantities you, pasta, hot gods...all the junk food you want.
3. You may gain weight that week - and that's not a problem, cause you're aiming for lifelong understanding, and since you're already obese couple more pounds is no biggie.
Result: in very very rare cases, like 1 of a 100 obese people you'll will really struggle. Meanning that you really do need sugar, maybe you need to see the doctor on that.
Following is not really for you, but may help you manage your sugar intake.
Others will struggle too mostly in the beginning, but will be pretty much ok at the end of the week. Main piece of knowledge now is that you actually don't NEED sweets. And you are ready for the next step.

Second step is to return sweet tasting products into your life.
I bet that now apples don't taste sweet to you at all or any other fruits for that matter.
But by the end of the week you would be able to really taste fruits for example.
You'll will find that water melon is actually a bit too sweet.
Give all kinds of fruits a taste and some you will really like.

Third step is to not eat candy or anything like that for a month.
It's actually not that hard, there are plenty of fruits and sweeter veggies.
As far as all your other foods, you would need to eat a lot of other stuff to push sugar craving, you simple won't be having any. Don't believe that - just try!

Forth step is the rest of your life. You can eat sweets you like, taste them if you like you can it in moderation. Surprisingly you will come to conclusion that saying like "I like cake!" is just stupid, you can't really like any can taste it and then decide whether you like it or not.

I used to eat huge amounts of sweets, I could easily eat 2 pound cake in one sitting, and would care what cake that was:).

Now I eat any sweets I like, I have couple of brands of cookies, chocolate and candy.
And I eat them when I want, some days more some days less...I don't really restrict myself.

You can achieve this too, sure it takes time...but month is nothing compared to the rest of your life and it's nothing compared to the amount of time you wasted trying to eat less sweets.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    there are so many chemicals in food that I don't know if we should really worry about sweeteners , like you said , we don't eat a ton once. I don't usually eat sweets and starch because if I eat them I crave them. if I don't , not really. but if I really crave something a few days, I'll eat .I do use sweeteners or stevia but not aspartame cause I don't like the taste. pepsi light saves me when everybody else drinks beer.I think stress is more dangerous than any chemical we eat
    1473 days ago
    What a good plan to re-train your taste!
    I love sweet carrots, beets and cabbage!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1481 days ago
    The way artificial sweeteners were discovered could have been a scene out of the classic comedy The Nutty Professor.

    In 1879, Ira Remsen, a researcher from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., noticed that a derivative of coal tar he accidentally spilled on his hand tasted sweet. While he did not morph into the slim, but obnoxious Buddy Love as the characters played by Eddie Murphy and Jerry Lewis did in their film versions of the comedy, his spill set the stage for the development of saccharin -- an artificial sweetener known today to many seasoned dieters as Sweet-n-Low. This is now the most recognized name brand of the saccharin-based sugar substitutes.

    Now more than 125 years later, saccharin is joined by a growing list of artificial sweeteners with varying chemical structures and uses including acesulfame potassium (Sunett); aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal); sucralose (Splenda), and D-Tagatose (Sugaree). And there's a whole host of new ones on the horizon.
    One thing is clear, consumers embrace these sweeteners. As many as 180 million Americans routinely eat and drink sugar-free products such as desserts and artificially sweetened sodas, according to 2004 statistics compiled by the Calorie Control Council, and with new products in the pipeline and on the shelves, the trend shows no sign of abating.
    Sorry, but this gal refuses to put anything artificially created with chemicals etc into her body.
    And that includes diet sodas. Regular sodas are bad enough because of their ingredients and higher sugar levels but I'll sooner drink one once in awhile as apposed to poisoning my body with the chemicals in a diet soda that is going to cause diseases such as Alzheimer to name one.
    In the end it comes right down to controlling what and how much we put on the end of our fork and down our throats.
    1482 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/28/2013 9:12:46 PM
    Good blog - absolutely - those sweetener's are the cause of the majority of Major Diseases - no question about it - One book that I have read is Cancer ( step Outside the Box ) by Ty Bollinger - awesome read - covers all of this info plus - big Pharma. LiL Racer aka Karen emoticon
    1482 days ago
    I think it is a good idea for people to not eat sweet things for a week. I also used to eat a ton of sweet things, but I stopped eating sweet things when I started losing weight. It can be hard at first but it is really worth it in the end!

    You also make a great point that fruits may not taste so sweet to people who are used to eating sweet things. Once you get your taste buds in order, however, you can really grasp all the flavors in everything you eat. It becomes a lot easier to tell which things have a lot of sugar or sodium or whatever. To me, not eating sweet things for a while really enhances the flavors I taste - it's almost like I am calibrating my taste buds.
    1482 days ago
    A lot of people in this world choose to ignore the science behind the rumors. Plus, a lot of chemicals are tested on rats and they feed them way more of this stuff than people could possibly eat. People are prone to panic.
    1482 days ago
  • GODZY_
    Thank you for sharing.
    Always nice to see different points of views and different ways to do things.
    I did basically what you said here, but not calculated like that, it simply was a matter of priority in our budget and we decided to cut out on all things sweet and unnecessary to keep our bodies working. We've been doing that for a couple of months now and you're right about the taste. Now raisins taste as sugary to me as ice cream use to do.
    The body is a great and complicated machine :-)
    Have a great day,
    1482 days ago

    Thank you for this. You almost make it sound easy, LOL!!

    Love, Ginger
    1482 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!
    1482 days ago
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