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After multiple doctors, tests, labs and days... I, officially, do not have Cushings...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Late this afternoon I finally got confirmation that the Cushings results were negative. There was all kinds of confusing nonsense going on with that test. Long story short, the test was done improperly on Tuesday, because it was ordered by accident. So those results were null. Then it was done again yesterday morning, despite the fact there was no order for it in the system. Eventually everyone got their $hit together and read the correct test with the correct results following the correct procedure and now it is conclusive. So that's one monster laid to rest.


Section I: Food
Food was pretty good today. I bought Morning Star Farms California Turkey Grillers yesterday, and had one for breakfast. VERY yummy. I also nuked some egg whites to go with it, and had it on whole wheat bread. And then dinner... welp. I made 2 recipes from here. Cauliflower Hot "Wings" and Black Bean Cakes. The "wings" were really good, except the bbq sauce I used {don't do hot stuff!} was still too spicy for me, so I only managed to eat part of them. Dh wasn't impressed with them. And the black bean cakes were epic fails. They didn't stick together at all. So... basically we piled some beans on some bread, and smooshed it together and called it a samich. Not a successful dinner, to say the least. I was full after dinner, though, so I figure that's about as much as I can ask for.

Section II: Moving
I got up and ran from some Zombie's this morning. {Okay, walked... w/e.} I don't know what the issue was, but MAN was it hard this morning. I don't know if it's just cause I haven't taken a total rest day in a week, or if I woke up on the wrong side of bed, or what. But it was rough. Really rough. I think the only thing that saved the day was that I was getting in the car to go run an errand after I finished walking instead of climbing up the stairs. I inadvertently did an extra 2 minutes, on top of the timed workout. I didn't time my lap very well, and I was still 2 minutes away from the car when the workout ended. I admit, 2 minutes is... well, 2 minutes. 2 minutes when I'm exercising is... 3 hours. But, since the only other option was to declare myself finished and sit down in the parking lot... I kept going. 38 mins today. 38 hard, long minutes.

Section III: Other Stuff
I had a major nsv this evening. Dh and I went to Big Lots to get some earbuds for him, and we drove by the Chinese buffet. After dinner hadn't gone too well, I was unsatisfied and getting hungry, and I knew he was too. I wanted *so badly* to go to the Chinese place and eat until I was ill. But I knew I would be sad to have to come home and get on here and be like... yeah, I had a kick ass workout. And I ate healthy. And then I ate half a Chinese buffet.... I didn't like that story, so I didn't do it. I stood my ground walking through Big Lots and passed up all the fast food places on the way home, and settled for an apple and some toast with peanut butter. Success!

I went and picked up one of my Christmas presents this morning. My grandmother told me to pick out a jacket or hoodie or something because she is getting one {an ugly one} for my mom and aunt. I saw this amazing green {LOVE GREEN!}, sherpa lined hoodie on sale yesterday, and said that's the one I wanted. She told me to go get it and put it away for Christmas. The largest size they had was XXL and I was afraid it wouldn't be big enough, but it was actually quite loose. So horray for that! Apparently I should have gone in and out with blinders on, though. On the way back out, a rack of clearance jewelry caught my eye. I'm a jewelry whore. Sitting there, on clearance, just waiting for me, were these two lovely rings...

Dh did not seem to see how awesome they were, and I care not! I love big, blingy jewelry. After I looked for 15 seconds and already spotted those two, I decided it best to pull myself from the display and get out of the store as quickly as possible. Still a pretty good haul, though... a soft, fuzzy wuzzy GREEN hoodie, and 2 new blingy rings. All is well when green and rings are involved.

Now I gotta fight through the rest of the night. I haven't woken up an eaten for the last 4 days, and I'm determined to keep the streak alive. Unfortunately it isn't bedtime and I'm hungry already. I think that's the worst part of trying to eat healthy... I run out of food and have to force myself to go to bed because I'm too hungry to stay awake and do other things. {I try to eat foods that aren't very calorie dense so I can have more quantity, but I can only do so much, and I'm still hungry. 90% of the time.} This is where things fall apart for me. It's almost bedtime, I'm starving, and I know I don't get to eat til tomorrow. I gotta harness whatever health-chi I have and buckle down to ignore the hunger til tomorrow morning. That's also going to be a huge nsv for me -- eating a normal amount of food and not being hungry. It's obviously possible, millions of people do it every day. I'm just trying to be patient and hope that good things will come to those {me} who wait.

And I am off to take my meds and hope to be sleepy soon. Have a good night everyone!


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    Way to go. Hope you had a another successful night. Keep going and you'll have a habit of sleeping instead of eating before you know it ;0
    1633 days ago
    Four nights without eating AND you don't have Cushings. Good news! But it is aggravating to go through a bunch of tests and have them come up with nothing. Great job of the bargains! I love the thrill of the hunt and finding out how much I really can save, especially when I catch a sale and have a coupon!
    1633 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    4 nights, totally awesome!! I like your jewelry, and the hoodie for your grandma sounds really nice. Good for you. Well, some recipes are good, and some just aren't keep the good ones, throw out the others. I'm so glad all was well with the tests. You had a good day, hope tomorrow is another one for you. Have a really great weekend!!
    1634 days ago
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