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Friday, September 27, 2013

Aren't children wonderful?

Today we spent a couple of hours with 3 year old grand-daughter, followed by an hour with her brother, our grandson. We see him regularly, but don't spend so much time with her, that will come later this year when her school schedule changes.

First of all we were treated to a puppet show. A plethora of stuffed animals were paraded for our delight, including a tiger, bear, pink rabbit 1, pink rabbit 2, elephant and orange bear. We played Snakes and Ladders, Grandpa won, and 'Pairs'. Such fun, and it passed so quickly.

Then it was time to walk to collect Big Brother from school. I remind you that he's 6

'Grandma, would you like to see my collections?'

He couldn't wait to get home to show me his precious things. With great care they were laid on the table.

First - Two acorns. A big one, and a little one that he had 'collected' on the walk home

Second - Five stones. All shapes and sizes, and colours too.

Now, I need to assure you that he wouldn't show everyone his collections, so I felt very honoured.

We'll see them again next week, I think there might be a few more acorns by then, they are falling from the trees in profusion at the moment.

Do you know the story of Chicken Licken? In precis, Chicken Licken went for a walk in the forest. To her horror she realised that the sky was falling on her head. In great panic she ran around warning everyone that would listen and caused great pandemonium. Of course, it wasn't the sky at all (thank goodness) it was the annual fall of acorns.

I thought of the story this evening when I went for my walk.

It was a glorious evening. I had to be quick because I wanted to be home before sunset.

It's surprising how the woods change according to the time of day

and this evening the light was quite magical.

By the time I got home the sky was suffused with pink. I didn't manage a photograph, but it looks as though it will be a good day tomorrow.

Onwards and Upwards, have a great weekend, Sparkeroonies. I'm off to the doc in the morning, I wonder what he will say......

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