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Update: working out like crazy

Friday, September 27, 2013

So I just noticed I hadn't blogged in a bit. I've been super busy, as anyone who has noticed my fitness minutes creeping up can guess.

I've gotten into a bit of a routine. Monday: get up, teach, come home, go to the gym, shower, lunch, whatever. Tuesday: get up, go to the gym, shower, lunch, whatever. Wednesday: Teach all day. Thursday: same as Tuesday. Friday: same as Monday.

So its been going well. My mom was gone this week in Kentucky with my dad so TJ was able to come over and play house. I may have fudged my calories a bit with him around, but definitely still under my calories burned.

Today I jumped on the scale fully expecting to be at my goal weight for my 4week/4% diet bet challenge... and I was up a pound. Hmmm.... what was different? Well yesterday I did more strength training using the Nautilus equipment, and ate some salt -- so I'm guessing its just water weight. For those that do lifting, do you retain more water the next day? My arm muscles are incredibly sore, so I think there's some mild inflammation.

Oh and funny thing -- most people who are right handed are stronger with their right arm. Apparently my 5-month open wound debacle on my right arm has now made my left arm stronger... I definitely see more muscle starting to pop out in my left arm -- OR randomly, maybe the plastic surgeon removed more skin/flab from the left arm so the muscles show more... who knows... I'm just keeping on, keeping on. The different equipment at the Y makes me realize that I probably was doing some of the moves wrong when I did free weights... that or I just always modified the heck out of stuff and wimped out before the end of sets. Hopefully I'll start to really see some results with the equipment I'm learning. In a month or two I can get another session (for free) with the Y trainer to learn more equipment and then I can start rotating in leg days and arm days instead of the general strength training I'm doing now.

Swimming is still going well. The only issue is getting a lane and dealing with crabby people. I avoided it a bit since my mom was gone, but she came back late last night so we may go after I'm done teaching this morning. I had to end up getting a new swimsuit though. The cheap, long torso one I bought at Kohls was not going to cut it for lap swimming, so last weekend TJ and I went to Dick's sporting goods to look for racing/training suit. AND a miracle happened. The first swimsuit I picked out, fit... looked good... and was on sale! I only half put on another one, before I just went, NOPE and bought that first magical suit. Its not a long torso though, but since I don't really have boobs, its going to work fine. Plus its cute! So that helps in the pool too ;-) I kind of like swimming at the Y. Its mostly all old ladies, so I'm the young buck there and no one is looking at my thighs and thinking negative thoughts.

I was really worried about working out in public. I'm getting over it a bit, but its still slightly uncomfortable. I just plug in my iPod, listen to the Nerdist podcast and chug away on the elliptical.

So that's basically all I've been doing. I'm still applying for jobs everywhere. Still waiting to hear back about an NIH program I have an application in for... still waiting to get paid for this job... (only once a month and I missed the first paycheck since I wasn't officially hired until three weeks after I started) BUT I did find out I can teach two classes here at Lindenwood Belleville next semester if I don't find anything -- so double what I'm doing now. Still not enough money to live on my own on, but its better than nothing/unemployment! (note: I currently make LESS than unemployment).

So I'm staying positive. I need to check up on all your blogs, I've found a million things to do to fill my time, but somehow Spark blogs have slipped past me for the last week.
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