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Day 666- My Mind is Stronger than my Stomach

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Friday, September 27, 2013

I almost didn't write this blog, because it's day 666. LOL. But who cares.

These first few months in my new job have been very stressful, as I'm sure anyone transitioning into a new position can attest to.

But a few years ago, heck even a few months ago, I would have dealt with this stress differently. During my year of "maintenance" where I wasn't trying to maintain but kept yo-yoing up and down, I would constantly sabotage myself, due to my emotions. If I was having a bad day, I might stop by the drive thru on the way home. Then I'd feel so terrible I'd go for a ridiculously long run to try and balance it out.

And that is why I was unsuccessful in losing much of anything for almost a year.

But this month, and this last week especially, when I started to have those binge or fatty cravings due to stressful situations, it's like a lightbulb clicked in my head that said, "That's obviously not going to help this situation at all." My cafeteria sells personal size pizzas, chicken fingers, and other delicious fried items. But I haven't had one pizza. I find myself looking forward to my salad at lunch. I make them with greens, bacon bits, tortilla strips, a little cheese, Corn and tomato salsa and ranch dressing. Yes, the bacon, tortilla, cheese and ranch dressing make it more fattening, but those are the little flavors that I add to make the meal enjoyable. No doubt a pepperoni pizza would also satisfy me, but once again, I'd feel bad about my choices.

I love that I've finally been able to listen to my mind over my stomach. Again, I still have little indulgences once in a while, but the more fruits and veggies and delicious and nutritious meals I make, the less I find myself even wanting the chips and cookies that I used to love so much.

It's just a nice change, and gets a little easier every day. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Oh and P.S. I signed up for the 5k, so I'll try to post some pics from that. I'm just hoping to be under 40 minutes honestly. I would be thrilled with anything close to 35. We shall see how it goes.

Love you SparkFriends!
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