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Trying to find balance.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I find that I'm taking up too much of my time on the computer. I use it to ignore my world and that ends up with my home being messy and too much food in my belly.

Today I decided that I'm going to clean something every day before I blog. I can get more stuff clean before I start sitting in front of the computer. When I'm actively doing something, I'm also less hungry.

I have still been taking my morning walks, that always helps get my day going. I feel energized when I get moving in the morning. When I sit to work on the computer, then all that energy leaves me. I need to keep on going in the morning while I have the energy so I can get more done. This doesn't mean I'll stop blogging, this just means it'll be later in the afternoon.

Tomorrow my mom will be getting her other eye done, so she'll have even eyes again. I'll be starting to help her around the house this weekend (if I don't get sick from being around sick people). I have been trying to tell her that I'll help and while I was dusting her home last weekend, she finally gave into me. I know how she likes her home cleaned and I have done it as a child, so I can do it now. I'm glad I can help her out.

I'm still a little emotionally drained from writing that love note to my husband. Fortunately there wasn't a big blow up over it and I hope he can see my concerns. I know he feels better when he has a daily salad, so hopefully he'll go back to eating those with his lunches again.

I haven't checked to see if that second insurance went through my doctor's office. Once that goes through, I really need to go in and find out what's wrong with my leg. It has been bothering me more and more daily. It's more than one thing that aches now and for the last week or so, I haven't made it past noon without it aching. I don't want to have to take pain pills daily to get through, in the long run it will cause more harm to my body. Unfortunately, until those charges have been paid, I can be denied treatment through the clinic and I just don't have the money to pay that bill. Yes, I will keep on complaining about this until I can get it fixed.

I will still be focusing on my fruits and veggies. I may not be tracking them, but I know that when I eat a plant-based diet, I tend to slowly lose the weight or at least not gain it. I made falafels for dinner last night and they were yummy. I probably could have made them better, but they weren't the worst thing I've ever made, it takes time to perfect a recipe and I'm still getting the hang of cooking dried beans for various uses. Baking them as "drop cookie" type instead of being able to make them into little balls wasn't the worst thing I could have done to them.

Hopefully this week I'll finally find the balance and things will align again.

Today's Holidays: National Comic Book Day, National Women's Health and Fitness Day, National One Hit Wonder Day, National Food Service Employees Day and Crab Meat Newburg Day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ELMA1913
    How interesting - I was just thinking this morning that I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with all the things on Sparks because it is taking up way too much of my time. I don't mind the days that are raining or unfit to be outside, but yeah, I'm cutting back also. Glad to know I am not the only one feeling this way.
    1516 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    Hope the insurance gets worked out in your favor so you can get your leg taken care of before it turns into something more serious. I'm wishing you good luck and prayers. emoticon
    1516 days ago
  • KAREN608
    It's a good idea to keep moving and not spend too much time sitting in front of the computer, which I find, pulls me in like a piece of metal to a magnet! I have to put my legs up three times a day for circulation now, which adds to the mix of up down, and around in my days. I like doing a few set chores everyday so the house stays in some kind of order.
    1517 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I think many can relate to getting carried away when we get on the computer---your idea is a wonderful plan. I usually sit down with my morning coffee and check E-Mails and spin for log-in on Sparks. There are days that I just can't pull myself away before getting more sparking down---think I will try your new approach too, especially on days I need to do the laundry or clean.
    1517 days ago
    Boy do I hear ya today! I have been feeling that I spend too much time on the computer......Then I read your blog! Wow.....I think I'm going to just try for less spark points a day...rather than obsessing that I don't have enough......Best wishes on your continued journey....Hope your leg gets better!
    1517 days ago
  • AMYC2013
    I always love your posts. I like the idea of doing something before I blog. I find that if I don't work out (walk), I don't log on and don't blog. But I need to do all of these things to better myself.
    1517 days ago
    Oh man I LOVE falafel!

    And I know what you mean about not being so hungry when you're doing something. I feel like all I do is sit here and think about food.

    Good luck getting things straightened out!

    1517 days ago
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