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Miscalculations are a bummer.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Regarding my latest attempt at the Whole30, I give.

You hear me, universe? I give!!!

This is clearly not the time for me to be doing an uber-restrictive food plan, because I'm going into a ridiculous "deprivation" mindset which is just silly. I live in the USA, I am blessed to be able to afford the food I eat, and for me to deliberately choose to eat in a way that's going to cause me to pitch a three-year-old-styled tantrum regarding the lack of chocolate in my diet is simply nuts on so many levels.

Also, in spite of all this, my weight is up to a height I haven't seen in literally years*. That is flatly unacceptable, especially considering that my wardrobe is made for a woman who weighs at least 10 lbs less than the scale is currently showing**. I can't run around without clothes, and I frankly can't afford to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, so something's got to change. Plus there's the fact that my Stupid Knee gets exponentially grumpier when I put on weight, and we can't have that. Talk about a cascade of ick... nope, not happening.

It's time to get serious and scrape it off.

Looking at the past few weeks/ months, I think I need to get back into letting myself have some sort of tiny treat daily. I know, for someone who just said it's time to "get serious" about weight loss this sounds completely counter-intuitive, and there was a time I would have totally agreed, along with a sagely disapproving head nod. But that was when, for awhile, restricting "treats" (not even permitting myself a few squares of chocolate) was working.

Hey, I'll be the first person to admit that I absolutely don't require chocolate to survive. No one does. But it appears it adds greatly to both my quality of life and my ability to sustain an otherwise obscenely healthy diet, so chocolate it's going to be. Organic, raw, no-dairy, no-gluten, no-soy chocolate (Raw Shakti Chocolate -- it's awesome, and you can probably run a search on it if you're interested!) ... but chocolate nonetheless.

Yay :)

Also, evidence would suggest I need to switch up some of my protein sources. Despite me tracking my food like a beast it appears I've severely miscalculated some calories which I just adjusted today. Not that my average weekly intake should be causing me to gain weight even now (average daily calories are just over 1500), but something is WAY off and since the majority of weight fluctuations are based in the kitchen, I must have miscalculated even more than I have adjusted for.

SO. It's back to the drawing board for next week***. I'm going to stick with my usual breakfast of 2 eggs, 1/2 Haas avocado, and either steamed asparagus or broccoli florets. Lunch will be 4-6 oz. chicken breast, 1/2 Haas avocado, and steamed broccoli florets. Dinner will be 4-6 oz. salmon fillet, and more steamed broccoli florets. I'll be putting a little olive oil on my vegetables, but considering I haven't been measuring that I'm going to start. I'll use 1 TBSP olive oil on an entire batch of broccoli which will average out to a teaspoon of olive oil or less per serving.

I'm going to track all food, including the olive oil. I'm also going to include 1/4 of my chocolate bar per day, because chocolate = awesome. The entire calorie hit for the day will be right around 1200. Fats will be high, but in the acceptable end of my range and from healthy sources, primarily plants. I think with the fat and protein counts I'll have that the satiety level should be perfect and I won't be climbing the walls. The bit of chocolate will give me that little boost/ indulgence edge I appear to need to continue on with what can be a fairly repetitive diet.

Fortunately, over the years I've developed a pretty impressive spice cabinet, so just because my foods tend to remain stable doesn't mean the flavor is the same. I can go Greek, southwestern, Asian... the possibilities are pretty impressive. I just can't get lazy with my cooking :)

Here's to an improved next week. And, for the record, the chocolate intake starts today.

*No, I haven't changed it on my tracker. It's just too depressing. I'm sorry for any misrepresentation there, but I simply can't do it right now.

**Maybe 15. *ahem*

***Starting next week because my lunches are already made/ packed for this week, and there's just no way I'm re-doing work I've already done. Eating nearly 100% unprocessed food is time consuming enough, and even I have my limits.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It sounds like your normal is eating is very healthy and nearly whole30 approved anyway. You know your body better than anyone. Trust yourself, and enjoy your journey.
    1460 days ago
    Thanks everyone :)

    Marsha, the vegetables are more varied than listed, but the broccoli and asparagus are, the easiest to get and therefore they do play a pretty heavy role. Broccoli is good frozen (cheap!), and I can get a nice wad of asparagus at Sam's at the moment, plus it's one of those veggies where I don't have to worry about paying for organic. But I do get in some others when occasion/ budget permits :)
    1460 days ago
    Best wishes for a less restrictive food plan to assist you in reaching your goals. Enjoy your daily chocolate! Your eating still looks awfully restricted to me. I'd at least want a wider variety of vegetables. Wishing you well. Take care, Marsha
    1460 days ago
    Amanda, You will bust this! Maybe with the treat addition and the measuring the oil, you will see a change at last. I too have been staying at 1500 calories. I am losing very slowly, but I'm hardly exercising. So I don't know how this is even working. I know it is different for everybody. 1200 might just be your magic number! I too have to have measured treats. Keeps me on track. There are moments when I know my mood would set me up for a binge if at that time I had my treat, so the timing of my treat has to be wise as well.

    You can do it!
    1461 days ago
    Amanda, you are doing an impressive job! Everything that I've read says that you should factor in some small indulgences to keep you from binging or quitting all together. With that in mind, I think you are right on target! You might also want to keep in mind that you are right at the age where your female hormones start jumping around. That alone can cause weight gain if you aren't careful. The good news is that you are on top of things! Awesome! I know that you will be successful.
    1461 days ago
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