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WIN Reflection 9/25/13

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

emoticon Good Morning Friends! Hope everyone is well. I am still feeling bad, in fact I am feeling worse :( Now it is going down into my lungs, my MIL suggested me getting a z-pac, so I may just send a note to my doc seeing as how I don't have time to rest anymore. Last nights quiz wasn't great. I for sure missed 4 that I couldn't even remember 1 word on to write down so left them blank. And of course I checked when I was done and those where the ones I got right on my practice test the night before, go figure...I did let him know that I wasn't feeling good and had a bad headache. Oh well what can I do. I tried. Then he decides to make us all stand, introduce ourselves and talk about our work experience. So of course as soon as I start to talk I start coughing and just apologized as I was not at my best last night. Came home and got my homework done. That audit that I am doing for my IT Auditing class, the one I thought was going to be fun, well I noticed that they could have added some more directions. Some of it didn't make sense, I couldn't find certain things and it sure didn't tell you. But apparently this new edition is way better than previous so I would be scared to see what they had before. But it still wasn't bad. Late class tonight, hope I am up for the whole thing :(

*BLC23 begins today YAY! Love my Violet Venuses! During the 4 weeks interim period I set a goal to be down to 158. Well that didn't happen. But I am down 0.2 of a lb. Hey its something right! I am also down a total of 1.75 inches this month. I lost in my waist, hips and thigh! Most important parts :))

*I didn't get any ST done this past week but BLC 23TNT is to be done today or tomorrow (more than likely tomorrow for me) so I will be getting at least 1 full body ST session in as I opted for the TNT in 30.

*My eating has just been everywhere, sometimes high end of cal range, sometimes low, sometimes really bad food for me and sometimes really good. Today is day 1 though to get strict on myself.

*Didn't meet any goals I set for the week last week.

Goals for this week:
1. FM 250
2. Cardio: min 5 days, 3 of those days 30+ min, at least 2 of those days 60+ min
3. ST (TNT) at least 1 time this week (Thursday)
4. Get strict on eating
5. No junk food at least 3 days this week

Have a great week!!!
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