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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Now that the book, Grain Brain, has been out for a week, the reviews are starting to come in. I haven’t read it yet, but will probably add it to my ever-growing list of requested reads at the library. I attended the webinar and did a short write-up about it last week:


Anyway, it’s clear from this review of the book that proponents of conventional nutrition are eager to poke holes through Dr. Perlmutter’s theories:


Interestingly enough, the same e-newsletter that delivered this review also shared another article with me about the health benefits of a diet low in refined carbs and higher in saturated fats:


Ever since I watched the webinar (and read Wheat Belly, It Starts with Food, etc.), I’ve regretted every cupcake I’ve ingested the moment I’ve taken that first bite. So why can’t I stop myself from taking that first bite? Why is it that I’m not connecting enough with my future self enough to know that the two minutes of sugary-induced euphoria isn’t worth a lifetime of inflammation? (Or anxiety. Or skin problems. Or all of the other things I’ve been trying to conquer this year…) For example, yesterday I was at a conference for work at a beautiful hotel that provided a delicious assortment of good, nutritious food. I think I’ve mentioned before that my employer does a pretty good job when it comes to health and wellness:

- At breakfast, I had my choice of eggs and fruit… yet I still had a bagel.
- I had a protein packed lunch with chicken and salad… followed by cookies and chocolate cake.
- More cookies during an afternoon break… and though there was a gluten free cookie available, I went for the chocolate chip.
-And don’t forget the wine reception following the event that was optional… but I hung around to consume some wheat-filled hors d’oeuvres for dinner.

Today wasn’t much better – someone left some cake in the break room. Figured I’m off the wagon, so what’s one more piece going to hurt?

Seriously, I have to stop thinking like this. I have some serious grain brain. Maybe I should seek hypnotherapy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Matzoh on its own - terrible! But my grandfather used to make an awesome french toast kind of breakfast with matzoh - with butter and syrup - soooo good.

    Had a good, wheat free day today! Start of a new streak!
    1461 days ago
    Because wheat (and other foods) is an addictive substance!

    Would you expect an alcoholic or (other) drug addict to be able to avoid a table filled with tempting cups and glasses and carafes of liquor, or trays full of the desired drug-of-choice? Of course not!

    Yet we draw the line with food. We don't get the same "understanding" for our very real addictions. I'm sure you've read and know that those addictions are truly physical ones. It's NOT all in our heads, or our "weakness," or any of the other negativities attributed to overweight.

    My addiction is to carbs - any carbs; all carbs.... I'm not so bad with the sweets... but breads? omg I'm out of control. I just have to avoid, entirely. One bite, a day's slip, and I'm right back fighting cravings and "starving" until I can get it out of my system.

    LOL - WOUBBIE ~ a Matzoh diet! hehehe The sorry thing is... I've been known to eat (and enjoy!) even matzohs. I'm definitely a case for confinement...sigh

    1462 days ago
    My Aunt Mary was allergic/sensitive to a whole range of foods. When she got a bad reaction she could be laid up for days. And yet, she still sometimes chose those foods regardless. It drove my mother nuts.

    She would ask my aunt why she persisted in eating things that she knew she couldn't tolerate and Aunt Mary would answer, "Well, but sometimes they DON'T bother me." I guess she looked at it as a kind of Russian Roulette. Would she get the empty chamber today or not?

    How about taking a week when the only wheat you allow yourself is matzoh? The real taste of wheat is totally gross. It's only the good stuff we put on it that even makes it edible. That's why I don't even miss pizza. It's the toppings and the sauce that make it pizza, the crust is just a shelf.

    LOL! This could be the start of a new wheat avoidance diet craze! The Matzoh Diet!
    1462 days ago
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