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FastDiet - Week 1: From 140.0 to 139.6

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Warning- this is a long entry that I wrote throughout my first week on the FastDiet! It's the blog I was looking for, but didn't find before embarking on this crazy experiment. I wanted to know what people ate on fast days, if they were hungry, and/or if they lost any weight!

Here are observations from my first week:

Week of 9/15/2013

Starting weight (9/15): 140.0
BMI: 22.6
BMR: 1382
TDEE: 1900 calories

Monday: Fast Day: green smoothie (150 cals)/ chicken, lentil & veg salad (350 cals)

Can not believe how easy today was. Was I hungry- yes, but I’m hungry everyday!! This hunger felt no different than the typical pre-lunch or dinner rumblings. I watched the BBC Horizons program “Eat, Fast, and Live Longer” last night to gear up for this week (and get excited), and I thought of something he said relating to hunger. He fasted for 3.5 days and said that hunger doesn’t grow and grow so much as come in waves. So, if you can ride out a wave, you’ll probably make it a lot longer without eating than you thought you could. I felt hungriest just before my typical lunchtime, about 11:30 a.m., but after working on some papers and filling out a form, I had forgotten my hunger. Now, it’s 4:40 p.m., and Mike and I just returned from a 30 minute walk. I feel less hungry right now than I would on a typical evening before dinner. I wonder what Thursday’s fast will be like! After writing this note, I’ll probably catch up on Facebook, do a little reading for school, and then tear into my big chicken salad I prepared yesterday (as I thought I’d be too ravenous to chop anything up tonight!).

Tuesday: Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal, almond milk/ apple & hard boiled egg/ handfuls of popcorn/ chicken salad/ half of a chocolate chip muffin/ pesto pasta with chicken

To be honest, I went to sleep pretty hungry last night and woke up hungry this a.m. Tried a new cereal- it’s like a cinnamon-y shredded wheat. It tasted great because I was so famished ;) On a typical week, I wouldn’t have had the popcorn at work- I really hope I won’t regret that! As I write this, I’ve just finished my salad and I’m already thinking about dinner tonight. Food- all the time food!

Wednesday Kashi, almond milk, banana/ salad, apple/ JUNK FOOD/ lentil curry, brown rice

Holy snacking hell. I have NEVER in the nearly TWO YEARS since I’ve been on SparkPeople snacked the way I ate today. We had an open house (and it runs through tomorrow- a fast day, lawd help me), and there were brownies, doughnut holes, candy, and pretzels, and I partook and all of that. I had my first real doubts today about fasting. Was I blaming fasting for my over-indulgence. Probably. But I’ve never gone so off the end- and I think it’s because I can convince myself that in this program (5:2), it’s “okay” to eat whatever I want on feed days. Dangerous. I don’t want to undereat, but eating sugary crap is not the business. I fully intend to keep this up for at least three weeks, but I solemnly swear that today was my first and last binge of any type! I’m at work now, it’s just after 6 p.m. I’ll get home in an hour to make my lentil curry and heat up my brown rice. Hopefully that will make me feel better (nutrition!) and set me right for tomorrow’s fast. I know I can do this.

Thursday Fast Day: green smoothie (150 cals)/ chicken, lentil & veg salad (350 cals)

It’s 11:32 a.m., and I feel fine. I had my green smoothie on the way to work, which was kind of cool- it felt like I could enjoy it more than swallowing it all down to rush out the door. I’ve been at work since 7 a.m., but I’m not terribly hungry. I took an early lunch break to do some homework, which will keep me plenty busy through the hour. If I didn’t have homework, i’d probably be planning my sister’s bridal shower or catching up on celebrity gossip, lol. Time always goes really quickly when I attempt either of those things. Keeping busy is kind of the key, I think. Also, I like considering hunger. I think about food so much that it is almost a break to step away from it and just feel hungry, which because I am lucky, is so rare. I’ll get home before 5 p.m. and take a walk or do more homework until Mike gets home, then eat my humongous chicken, lentil, and veg salad I prepped last night.

Oh! I wanted to mention that the goodies spread that proved irresistible yesterday hasn’t tempted me at all today. I don’t know if it is because that itch was scratched, or I’m just a superhuman today. Either way, I’ll take it!

Friday pesto scrambled eggs, toast, grapes/ grilled mahi salad/ lentil & sausage soup, cheese toast

The week isn’t over, but I made it through two fasts without even a nibble of cheating! I cannot believe that! I stepped on the scale this a.m., and while I know this is not my official weight for the week, I had to share because I was astounded: even after the mega binge on Tuesday, I weighed in at 136.0 this a.m.- that is FOUR POUNDS DOWN from Monday!! I’m going to weigh myself again on Monday to get an official number, but I couldn’t be happier today.

Saturday Kashi & almond milk, banana / beans & salsa, watermelon/ feast @ Alan Wong’s

Mike sent me to a spa for my birthday to enjoy a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure. I’ve never been so pampered, and then to top it off- we went to a very fancy restaurant for dinner. I ordered the tasting menu WITH wine pairings (oh yes I did). It was magnificent. Highlights: butter poached lobster with sparkling wine, braised short rib with a cabernet sauvignon, and the most beautiful coconut sorbet with fresh fruit (made to look like a half coconut!).

Sunday Eggs & bacon, fried rice / pb&j, trail mix, watermelon, cheese/ chicken noodle soup, apple

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    Great Blog! Congrats on your experiment - thrilled for you that you ended up with a 4 lb loss!!!
    Love also that you resisted the sugary treats spread at work.
    1610 days ago
    That is terrific. Just a word of caution, don't weigh yourself the morning after a fast, because you are almost always down. I have found it more accurate to weigh myself a day or two after a fast. You might be a half pound or a pound up on weigh in day, if you are like me.
    1612 days ago
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