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Chiropractor Visit

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I really have a great boss. He's incredibly understanding and also has been an encouragement for my weight loss and health. More recently, he's been championing me to see a chiropractor - not because I have any specific pain, back or otherwise, but just to make sure I am taking care of myself (and because if it is covered by insurance, why not use it?!).

As a part of my Health Journey, I did some research and made an appointment with a chiropractor. I'll admit, I was nervous - isn't it a standard joke that chiropractors "break backs"? At least, that's what my grandparents used to joke, and I didn't find that all that funny ("But Grandma, I don't WANT them to break your back!!!"). And don't most cartoons poke fun at them? What if something bad happens and they break my neck?

Fortunately, I've been busy enough, I didn't really give these thoughts too much credence. Also, I've talked with my boss and my aunt, both of whom have been to the chiropractor numerous times and love it. They both swear by how great it feels when your back is properly aligned. Plus, honestly, I had more of a fear for my doctor than the chiropractor. Once I got over that fear last month, I think I could tackle about ANYTHING.

The chiropractor was this nice woman. We chatted a bit about my background, my health issues, etc. I mentioned I lost 115 pounds and her jaw dropped. She told me how much of an inspiration I was, how great it was that I not only lost weight but stuck with it to lose so much. I'll admit, I was embarrassed by the attention, but it also felt really good. As we ALL know, losing weight is TOUGH. There are so many temptations, and sometimes it feels like we are not making ANY progress. To have people go, "You are doing GREAT!" and "Wow, you are such an inspiration!" - it's just awesome!

She took my vitals - 118 over 78 blood pressure YAY!! - and then had me move my body to see my flexibility and if there were any areas that were misaligned. She commented that I was very flexible, which I'll admit, I've always been, but even more so as I've lost weight.

And then time for the "back breaking"! I laid on the mat, and she spent some time feeling my spine, noting a few places. Then she asked me to inhale and exhale. I did so, and as I exhaled, she pushed on my back. It made the weirdest cracking noises, but it didn't hurt, just felt weird. She repeated this for a few other places, having me move onto my side at one point and twisting me like a pretzel. But each time I felt good afterwards, no problems.

The really "scary" part was when she moved to the neck. She felt my neck and then told me exactly what she would do. I didn't really think about it as she twisted my neck and crackle crackle, it was done! She did this twice, and afterwards, I laughed. It felt so funny, so different, but it didn't hurt at all.

A mere 20 minutes after I came in, she was done. She told me I was one of the easiest patients she had in a long time - most of the time, the first appointments took an hour! She mentioned that I had already done all the hard work by losing weight, and that all she really did was tweak me. And then she escorted me to the receptionist to make a follow-up appointment next week.

Directly afterwards, I felt pretty good. My back felt a bit "weird", and I think I might have had a bit of a headache afterwards, but nothing huge, just very, extremely mild. Today, my back is a bit achy, but the sore spot I had in the middle of my back, which I would unconsciously rub, is gone. I keep reaching back to rub that spot and...nothing!

This time last year, I wouldn't have DREAMED of seeing a chiropractor. At 268+ pounds, I didn't think I could find one who would be able to work on my back around my weight. And I knew that my weight WOULD come up in the discussion. But really, going to a chiropractor was a good thing. I want to take care of my ENTIRE body, and that means making sure my back, the "backbone" of my body (har har!), is A-OK!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for this. I still haven't overcome my fears so I can take care of myself the way you are. You're my hero!
    1611 days ago
    You have inspired me to go see a chiropractor. I know I've been needing to see one because I have had several serious car accidents that caused damage to my back and neck. Lately, my shoulder cracks every time I move it. I wonder if my insurance covers that...

    1612 days ago
    Sounds a lot like my experience at the chiropractor. Make sure to drink plenty of water- it helps flush out the toxins and relieves headaches!
    1612 days ago
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