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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If I could have had more of a bad 48 hours they just happened

Sunday afternoon I called my mother in law to find out that my father in law ended up in the ER. He was working at the country fair which is an annual tradition for him. But he did not eat or drink anything and since he has high blood pressure and diabetes this is not a good thing

So what happened was my mother in law was keavugnwork a friend said he said my father in law driving up the road towards the house he was coming to the store. So she figured he would be there when she got there. He wasn't and she waited a bit and called Richard back. Richard went looking for his truck and found him back at the fairgrounds. He was sitting in his truck crying that he was lost and could not find his way home.

Mom jumped in her car and came and got him and headed straight to the ER. They took him back immediately. His blood sugar was over 200, his BP was 220/110. yep stroke range. they started him on meds on iv's to get them down. Then sent him for an MRI to compare against the CAT scan from a few days ago to see if it was a stroke or not

Blessing it was not a stroke. But the doctors have once again changed his meds .

They Sunday evening one of this nephews came over and told my mother in law that he saw Dad almost run two cars off the road that afternoon.. That was it.

While he was asleep from the new meds she hid the keys to the truck so he could not drive it .

Yesterday they went to the family doctor who said that his level of dimentia is considered mid level now and the only way for him to drive is if my mother in law or someone else is in the car with him. While in the doctors office he was told about almost running two cars off the road and obviously he broke down

Mom leaves him home and goes to work and takes an indefinite leave of absence from her job.

During all this, I am supporting her while trying to keep just enough to my husband so he doe not freak out more than he does since this is going to be our future (he always gets whatever his dad does healthwise)

All morning long the dog is running around the house chasing people who are outside on the street talking and walking. it gave me such a headache and ear ache I still can't get rid of them

Then I get a phone call from the real estate agent who is handling the rental end of the house. he can't figure why he did not send me the paperwork and looks and looks and finally after 3 calls to me tells me he is sending it

then i needed to borrow hubby's computer to get a file I had on there before I got my new one and got a very rude awakening that hurt me a lot.

went into I a need comfort mode and went to make some french fries. peeled them and stuck them in a bowl of ice water for a while before I cooked them

went back to my conputer, and saw a message from the bank saying there as a fraud alert on my card. checked my statement first and sure enough someone charged something at the hilton in IL as I was in my living room yesterday. While on the phone, I just broke down. I would love to say that was it, but NO

went into the kitchen to make the fries and there is now a flood of water on floor. first though is a leak under the sink. Blessed be, no. The bowl I put the fries in had a crack and water was leaking over the counter, the cabinet and on the floor.

Worse this is after I cooked them, they tasted bad.

So this morning as hubby is home with the day off and is asleep in bed and I am on my regular day, i am just going to hold it all in and pray nothing else goes wrong
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