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Monday, September 23, 2013

Apologies if this entry is a little muddled or incoherent. For the last 4 hours I have been futzing with pedometers. First, I bought one that was supposed to sync with my phone. So I came home and figured the whole thing out, then tried to sync it with my phone... yeah, despite what the guy at the store said, it did not work with my phone. So, back to the store... I got another one that is supposed to sync with my computer. After much vexation, I finally figured the little sucker out. And it actually does sync with my computer. Loves me some syncing and data and what not.

Side note: There is someone in this building who either has a child or some sort of animal that randomly makes a single cry. It's not sobbing, or barking. And I hear no other noise. Just a single cry. I don't know what it is, but it's creepy as hell!

So today has been a pretty awesome day! I got up early this morning, but it took me some time to get my ass in gear and out the door. I finally got going cause the curiosity over the Zombies, Run! app took over. The first mission was 32 minutes long. I thought... okay, I'll do maybe 25, and finish it tomorrow. But no. When I got to where I usually stop, I thought... okay, just a couple more minutes... and then a couple more... and the next thing I knew I had completed the whole mission! If I hadn't been so bone weary and exhausted, I would have done a happy dance. I came back upstairs beaming with pride and demanded my sticker for the day.

Eating has also been a success. I did a much better job planning out my food today. I still got hungry, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was yesterday. Dh wanted Taco Bell and I managed to resist it while getting food for him. That was a mega NSV. I loves me some Taco Bell. It was time for my snack before bed, so I turned down TB and came home and had toast with pb and a plum. Pretty proud of myself for that, too!

The only blemish on the day... my psych appointment. First, she kept me waiting an hour and 15 minutes. If this was a one time thing, it wouldn't be a big deal. But EVERY TIME I go see her, I wait at least an hour. Last time it was 2 hours. It really makes me irritable to have to give up an entire afternoon to see her for 10 minutes. I'm going to ask my pcp to give me to a referral to a psych in her network. That would simplify my medical records... and a new psych can't possibly be much worse than the one I have. Man I hate doctors!

And speaking of doctors... tomorrow is my appt with the endo. Hopefully that won't be too bad. In fact, hopefully he/she will give me something useful to help with the constant hunger/inability to lose weight. Fingers crossed!

That's about the sum total of my day. It has been kinda busy, but at least I didn't sit around and think about food all day. Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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    Awesome job runner 5! emoticon Good call on the psychiatrist. It shows poor boundaries if a psychiatrist can't manage their schedule better than that and there is no excuse for it (I say that as a psychiatrist myself emoticon ) Definitely agree that your time should be respected and it's time to get a referral for someone else. Strong work on the TB run as well. What a strong day you had! I'm totally jealous at this point as mine was a royal pain in the rump so far!
    1607 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Great job Cat. Great nsv's for sure. Great job walking too and getting that pedometer really helps with the motivation and telling yourself you can do one more minute!
    KEep it up!
    1607 days ago
    " Dh wanted Taco Bell and I managed to resist it while getting food for him. That was a mega NSV. I loves me some Taco Bell. It was time for my snack before bed, so I turned down TB and came home and had toast with pb and a plum. Pretty proud of myself for that, too! "

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Great job!! I am SO SO PROUD OF YOU!

    Tell DH I'm watching him! emoticon
    1607 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    you had a fantastic day! !I am not surprised that you did the whole zombie run! You are the type that seems to go for the gusto, once you start!! That is the hard part, but you DID IT!!!!! I am proud of you Cat!!!!!!!!!
    1607 days ago
    sounds like you're doing better than yesterday and that's all that counts.
    1607 days ago
    Zombies freak me the crap out! Have you seen World War Z? You'd have to run really fast to beat them!

    Good luck at the doc, but I must say, I am really proud of you! I, too, am a TB junkie - in fact, working at TB in high school is when I started putting weight on. It's one of my pitfalls, but I've found that eating a couple of hard tacos on occassion will still fit into my eating plan without guilt. It's helpful for those days when you just have to make a border run!

    Keep up the good work. I've fallen off the proverbial wagon for the last week, but you've inspired me to get my act together!
    1607 days ago
    First - thanks for making me smile! I caught the title of your post - and being a geek at heart- I had to check it out. My wife and I both use Fitbits and we love them, plus our xbox with kinect and our Wii for exercise- thought not as much as we should! We both love Fruit Ninja on the kinect. The Zombies Run thing sounds hillarious! I will have to check that out. We've got a smartphone, but a lot of times my dogs are smarter than it is.
    Good luck with the endo - they usually can do a WAY better job of helping you sort things out than a PCP. A good example is thyroid issues. PCP you get a regular blood test usually. An Endo will do that, some more in depth blood work, and possibly an Sonogram of it as well which tends to find the issues blood work cant. So good luck!
    As for your therapist - ask the office the following - would they bill you for a missed appt or one you were late to? If they say yes, then let them know you expect a discount on your bill since they cant seem to keep thier times either. I did ithat at one drs office who published thier late/missed notice on the wall, and havent had issues since. ( I think I scared the hell out of the receptionist when I said it with a smile)
    1607 days ago
    I am glad you figured out how to sink your pedometer to your computer. The mystery cry from the baby would drive me nuts. Glad you had a busy day so you did not focus on food!
    1607 days ago
    Ugh, I hate doctor's who overbook, and then only see you for a few minutes each time... It's a good way for them to make a lot more money, but really screws up our day having to see them! Thankfully, all of my doctors now are awesome and normally get me in early each time. And the psychiatrist I see, only charges for the amount of time I'm actually with him - So he's awesome.

    Hope everything this week goes well for you! Congrats on making it to the end of your first mission! Keep going strong and working towards more & more time each day! Also, congrats on avoiding TB! My husband loves Taco Bell, but I don't. He'll never bring food home unless it's okay by me. Even then, he'll normally just eat at home.
    1608 days ago
    I have a Fitbit and I adore it. I always have it attached! I find that it is a very useful tool in this journey.

    So what do you think of the Zombies Run! App? I am honestly thinking about getting a Smart Phone just for that app!

    I am so proud of you for resisting Taco Bell! Honestly, who doesn't love Taco Bell? I know it is hard to pass up too! I consider it "mission accomplished" every time I manage to drive by and not hit the Drive-Thru!

    Good luck at your doc appointments!
    1608 days ago
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