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Warning, diarrhea blog

Monday, September 23, 2013

So, I feel a diarrhea blog on my hands. I don't mean a blog about diarrhea, just a babbling blog about life these days. It's due, it's been ruminating, and now it's time! Change of season, better get this broom out and clean up the dusty spots of my meandering soul, and share it all with you ;)

So, on the 6th of this month I had my blood drawn. I will not go into great details about just how horrible that was (I was donating, so it was a large amount of blood taken) but it was bad, very bad, and I haven't felt the same since. I felt so terrible that I thought maybe juice, in large amounts would make me feel better. Well it did, but now I'm atleast 5 pounds heavier than I was three weeks ago. I also skipped my period for a month, and am now finally starting today, I am so bloated, from the period and the extra weight.............I feel like the living Pillsbury dough girl. It's really disturbing. I havn't put that much weight on that fast in awhile. It was like overnight I was all plumped up and ready for the butcher's block. I feel really weighed down and lethargic and I still don't feel like I've fully regained my energy from giving blood. Now, please, if you give blood or are thinking of it, my reaction was really odd, not normal at all from what I've gathered. I was so weak it took me two weeks to walk up my stairs without feeling like I was going to pass out. I was in tons of pain, and overall just a wreck. I do feel better, but nowhere near 100 percent.

I have been exercising and trying to watch what I eat, as usual, but man, that extra juice really packed on the pounds. I dind't track any of it, so I was probably getting and extra 500-1,000 calories per day, easily, for about two weeks. I just couldn't find anything else that made me feel like I had any of my strength back. Looking back, I probably should have just gone to the doctor and got some blood back!!! That is probably what I really needed. Anyhow, so, I'm still dealing with this. I am not full strength, and I'm very, very bloated, and swollen and feeling like a mess.

I'm still walking in my living room, which is great, I really love that. I'm trying to track all of my calories.............and don't have any more juice in the house!!! I'm being SUPER diligent about getting all of my water in each day, which does make me feel better, but also keeps me glued to the toilet all day. I pee about 15 times a day when I'm drinking the amount of water I'm supposed to, which can be annoying, but I am beginning to see that it is just a necessary evil if I want to feel good.

I am eating tons of lean meat and fresh fruit and veg, which is good, and have been cooking a lot lately, which is great. Man, I'm so thankful for SP because I used to not be able to see the pros during hard times, only the negatives, but now I seem to be able to infuse the worst times, with little snipets of light, which feels really great.

I am also in a pickle at work. My boss hired another barber, since I am leaving soon, but now my money has dropped significantly since he's been there, which makes actually leaving a lot harder because I just don't have the money together yet. I've found so many places I want to move into, but just don't have all the funds in place to make the jump. I'm focused on this little place I found last night, I've made 4 phone calls, an e-mail and a text message. I am thinking that if they will let us make payments on the desposit, this might be the one for us. It is absolutley perfect. The back yard butts up against the river, it's small, cheap and cute, and includes the electricity in the price, which makes it a steal $550.00 for a one bedroom. I'm really, really in love with it, and really hope that somehow we can make a deal. They said it will be ready by Oct. 1st, and there is no way we can be ready that fast, but mayby, just maybe we can work something out for Nov. 1st!!!! We'll see. I do have my heart really set on this place, but what I've found is there are tons of places that are similar, just as cute and in ideal locations. So, if this one isn't a fit, I'm sure the next one will be. I've got to stay focused on the move though, because if I don't then I spend money that I need to be saving, and it all just goes downhill from there.

So, hmmmmm, I guess this wasn't quite as much of a rambling disaster as I thought it would be. I think the moral of today's blog is, even when things seem to be in a state of choas, hold tight and all will find it's way back to harmony in due time. I really can't wait for my period to be over, and for my wieght to stabalize back to a place where my clothes aren't so tight and uncomfortable. I really can't bear the idea of buying new clothes because I've gained weight. I've been at this size for a few years and I really, really don't want to ever go any higher. So, I guess it's salads and lot's of walking for my immediate future!!!

I love you guys, thanks for the support. Hope the fall season brings you joys you deserve.
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    having just had the stress of trying to find a new place, in a limited amt of time, with no money i totally feel where you are coming from, at least it was only juice and not crack ;) i feel like things are stabilizing here, enough that i can start focusing on my health again. no matter what happens, you never seem to fully lose that, i am proud of you. i pretty much was out of the fitness loop aside from here and there from april thru now - so i really respect you always givin it - challenges or not! xoxo!
    1624 days ago
    I hope you feel better real soon!! I wish you all the best in everything going on in your life right now!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1634 days ago
    Good luck, I think I would see a dr about how you feel. Hugs Keep your head up.
    1635 days ago
    I think it's weird that after you donated blood you felt bad and STILL feel bad. Can you get to a Dr. and have them check you out? Sounds awful girl!
    Bummer that your boss hired someone already and that it cut your wages down. seems so unfair to do that to you!
    I hope you can get the place you wanted, but if it doesn't pan out, another, better place will come your way.

    1637 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Here's to you feeling better!
    1637 days ago
    Good luck with everything!
    1638 days ago
    1638 days ago
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