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Vitality Challenge Procrastination Edition!

Monday, September 23, 2013

I've procrastinated in completing these prompts :) I'm sick, I had a cut on my toe get infected after frolicking at the beach and can't wear anything but flip flops, and my work schedule was rough last week. Grrrrr.

Procrastinating no more! Here I go.

emoticon Prompt 1: What specific procrastination area do YOU want to focus on for the duration of this challenge? Why did you choose this area? What would it look like if you were able to overcome procrastination in this area? What are you hoping to get out of this challenge? By the end of the 15 days...where do you want to be? At the end of the challenge, what do you want to FEEL like?

I procrastinate on my weight loss - which is why I've been on this journey for so long. Perfect example: when I joined Spark in 2006, it was to lose weight before my wedding. I had been engaged for 1.5 years when I joined just 6 months before my wedding; I had waited that long to do something about my weight! If I overcame my procrastinating, I'd reach this goal and have time to focus on something else, like growing our family. I want to get back on track, and develop a plan that works for me. I tend to suffer from goal overwhelm, and general weight loss overwhelm. On the last challenge, I was working on eliminating black and white thinking, namely that I can't lose weight and still enjoy the food/beverages I love, and I get in the mindset that to lose weight, I have to have my blinders on to everything I enjoy. I want to feel accomplished, proud of myself, and in control (but not too much control).

PROMPT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
emoticon How long have you struggled to accomplish the goal you've chosen to focus on? What have your plans looked like in the past? Have you been excited or totally drained while you were executing your plans? What would it look like if you took steps that made you feel like you were building momentum instead of hardly chipping away at your goal? How could you change the way you LOOK at your goal so it felt more manageable?

I've been struggling on this goal since I was in elementary school; it's that fact alone that gets into my head and makes me think I'll never make it happen. But I HAVE been successful in the past - I lost 50lbs before I moved to Oregon (and since I've never been able to live in harmony with all the good food and drink here, my weight loss has stalled). I think all the time "What was different about when I was successful, other than living in a different city?". I did have a fantastic sparkbuddy, and we met every week for dinner. But we eventually moved to only talking about social stuff and not weight loss, so it was less about weight loss. Maybe what was different was just my mindset - I had momentum on my side. I was happy with my plan, I had found exercise I liked (which I can't do anymore due to my hip injury - maybe that's part of it too!). I had a plan that fit into my lifestyle, and even though it wasn't always easy, it worked for me. I guess I just haven't found that right plan yet for my new lifestyle.

So how am I going to change that? I've been using the "something is always better than nothing" mindset. It helps. I was successful on the 80/20 plan - being within my recommended calorie range 80% of the time, and allowing to go over that for special occasions (or PMS) 20% of the time. Maybe I need to go back to that.

PROMPT 3!!!!
emoticon What would happen if you lessened the amount of time and effort you required of yourself so it felt more manageable? Do you get caught up in black and white thinking (having to do it all or nothing at all)? What would happen if you made an effort to create some grey in your life and found some moderation of the two? What would happened if you used overwhelm as a sign that you needed to scale back your plan? How much more do you think you would get accomplished?

This is totally me. I feel like I need to ONLY focus on eating healthy, planning my meals, exercising, tracking, journaling - and when I have many other things going on, I get overwhelmed and abandon ship on the activities that aren't absolutely vital to survival. A perfectionist. Creating grey in my life would be allowing myself to live my life without being totally in control and rigid on eating and exercising; the 80/20 plan. I keep trying to make myself fit into a plan, instead of making a plan fit me.

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