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Day 5 - insightful thoughts - an honest account

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Reason 1 - my portion size is too large (my eyes are bigger than my stomach - I inherited this from my mother and she inherited this from her mother. Also I grew up in PNG and the ship only came in once every 6 weeks with supplies so mum would stock up big and she carried this habit back to Australia - also her parents went through the depression). It's all relevant.

Reason 2 - I drink too much alcohol which are empty calories (I would substitute food calories for alcohol calories at the end of the day and that is not healthy). There are big drinkers throughout my family, mainly on the male side and my first serious boyfriend who I am no longer with but still keep in contact with from time to time is now an alcoholic - go figure!!)

Reason 3 - a very stressful 7 day/week managerial job - I recently resigned when I realised the stress the job was causing me and that I wasn't being true to myself in that profession. I had climbed the ladder of success and then wondered what the hell I was doing there! One of those AH-HA moments you have. Not sure what I will do next for a job, but it will be something that does not consume me completely so that I can concentrate on my personal life and my health etc. Constant stress can induce weight gain - this is a scientific fact.

Reason 4 - I have been in denial about all the above, but now the light bulb has turned on and I have no where to hide from the facts anymore. Wisdom is no burden to carry and I am getting loads of information and the well needed knowledge from this website.

The other enlightenment moment I had was about material things.

1) I hang onto clothes that I don't wear even if they are too small because it is hard for me to part with them.

2) my pantry and fridge are large and are overflowing with food - I love to go grocery shopping and I love it when there is a special on (I'll stock up on 3 or 4 items at once even though I don't need them).

So in these two areas I am a hoarder and that represents to me the weight I am hoarding to myself and not letting go of. I do believe there are psychological impacts keeping the weight on me also.

SO over the course of the next few days I will be developing strategies for each of these areas listed above so that I can improve that part of me that blocks progress and holds me back.

Throughout my life and my career I have trained myself to fine tune the need to do a number of things really really well whilst doing the rest as best I could. The things I now want and need to do really really well are written here and will be my focus.

See what happens when you start to detox and destress - the fog starts to clear and what you need to do starts to come to the surface above all the other rubbish and noise.

Ok, so I'm still on the GM diet, having completed 4 days now and onto day 5. Today I can eat up to 2 x 10oz of beef (this time I am substituting beef for chicken - last time I did this diet I substituted the beef for tufo) and I also need to eat 5 tomatoes. The GM diet website explains why all the foods are necessary and beneficial. I can also eat unlimited quantities of the wonder soup if I want. It is early morning and I have my days quota of chicken breast simmering in a pot - I am boiling it because I believe that is the healthiest way to cook it.

Yesterday I got through the day on my 3 glasses of milk and 8 bananas + the wonder soup. I went up 0.2kgs on the scales so now weigh in at 88,9kgs which is a total of 2.3kgs lost on this diet so far - YAY! I am definitely trimmer already and I was given a comment yesterday from someone I know that I have lost weight as they can see it in my face!

Tomorrow is day 6 and from memory it is as much beef as you like with as many veggies as you like - so tomorrow is really feast day, but I found last time I didn't pig out as I was used to not being a gutso from being on this diet. I'll quickly search and paste a summary of this diet so I don't lead you astray.

GM Diet - Here's How It Works
You must drink 10 glasses of water every day for all 7 days. Follow the diet strictly, no added beverages, alcohol, or dressings. You may use seasoning.

Day 1: Fruit only. (No bananas yet) Eat as much water based fruit as possible. If you can manage to eat cantaloupe and watermelon only on this day, you can lose up to 3 pounds by the end of the day.

Day 2: Vegetables only. Raw or cooked. You are encouraged to eat until you are full. You may start the day with a large baked potato with one slice of butter.

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables. No potato or bananas.

Day 4: Bananas and milk. Three glasses of milk, up to 8 bananas, and an unlimited quantity of "GM's Soup". (Recipe Below)

Day 5: FEAST DAY! Beef and tomatoes. You may eat up to 20oz of lean beef today. (Steak, Roast, Ground Beef...) And 5 whole tomatoes. Drink an additional 2 glasses of water today.

Day 6: Beef and Vegetables. Today you may eat an UNLIMITED amount of beef and vegetables.

Day 7: Brown rice and vegetables. Eat to your hearts content. Drinking fruit juice on this day is also encouraged.

I'm out for the day today along with my packed chicken and tomatoes! Have fun everyone.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have tried this diet a few times many years ago, it was under a different name then, which I cannot remember LOL. Good luck in what you are doing.
    1639 days ago
    I think you are doing wonderfully well.
    Although I can't advocate the sort of program you are on .. (Not Spark Policy ) and as a team leader it is not what we would recommend ..

    I eat mostly raw or very lightly cooked..small portions and a balanced menu ..
    You are so focused, and for that I applaud you..
    I support your determination and fortitude and wish you well ... Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1639 days ago
    I am seriously impressed with the discipline you have to stick with your GM diet, that shows you have what it takes to achieve all your goals!

    It is incredibly hard to change patterns, so you are doing really well, you have already made significant changes. emoticon
    1639 days ago
    Great insights--and a great plan to break each area of focus down into more manageable mini-goals. I share some of the same reasons for being overweight, and am focusing on doing more little changes more often. I believe you will succeed.
    1640 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    you can do it!
    1640 days ago
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