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Special Day for A & A

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Today is a very special day! September 22nd!

On this day 11 years ago, I had my first baby. Looking back, I feel like I was just a baby myself! She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. And even though I knew that most newborns are really ugly, the nurses and doctors told me that SHE was beautiful...and they were right! In my opinion, she was the first newborn ever to be born that didn't look like a weird old alien man. Haha. Strangely, I was able to see the beauty in every newborn I saw from that point forward.

My little A. She has been a diva since the first day she could walk. She has always wanted an audience and never been shy at all. While I admit she is somewhat vain (meaning, she knows how gorgeous she is and she flaunts it), she has developed over the years a heart of compassion toward the "little guy". Her classmates know full well that she will not allow any sort of bullying of any kid because he/she is different. She will always stand up someone being teased and, well, she may be girly, but she is also tough. Already a green belt in tae kwon do, she is not afraid to get in someone's face in defense of a friend in need.

She is growing so quickly and she is changing every day before my very eyes. She loves her younger siblings and is such a great example to them.

Ms. A - happy birthday, you incredible girl!

But, that's not all. Mr. T's little guy, Mr. A, was born exactly two years after my little lady. On the same day! How fun for them!

While I will admit, I have not yet had the blessing of getting to know him extremely well, I have already picked up on the most important pieces of his character. He has these wide eyes full of wonder that see and notice everything. The world is in place specifically for him to learn! He is a sweet soul, with a loving heart and isn't afraid to show his kind and tender side. In this way, he is just like his Daddy. He has been blessed to inherit his Dad's ridiculously high intelligence and he asks questions that a normal 9 yr old kid wouldn't necessarily think of asking. He's a happy boy, despite going through quite a lot this year.

Mr. A, you are a darling. My heart already holds so much love for you and I wish you the happiest birthday of all, sweet boy! I am so glad I met your Dad and that God blessed me with a bonus boy as wonderful as you.

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