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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guess I should have blogged what happened last week, instead of just blurting it out as my status. I am ok, but have an appointment with the cardiologist a week from Monday.

I went to the ER this past Wednesday because of some pain/tightness in my chest and just an overall feeling of "not right". After being there for about 24 hours and taking numerous tests and blood tests (last was the stress test which I'm very glad they did), they could not really say whether there was a blockage or not. The ER doc put me on a beta blocker and baby aspirin and sent me home with some nitroglycerin tablets "just in case". He said to stay on this regiment until the cardiologist says differently.

Man, this feels so surreal! At 57 years old, this isn't what I should be dealing with. Before the ER doc discharged me, he sat down and started talking about my "situation". He mentioned my high LDL count (I already knew this......and my HDL is very high also, thank you very much) 😉, but then started talking about my diabetes and hypertension. WHAT??? 😱 My regular doc 4 months ago said my blood pressure was just fine and that my blood sugar was slightly elevated, but that we would watch it. Now, the ER doc is mentioning all these issues like I've had them forever. I do have family history of heart disease on both sides of my family, so I am sure he was just being on the safe side. I understand that, but don't try scare tactics with me. When I mentioned that my blood pressure has never been a problem before, he just looked at the chart and said that it was pretty consistently high while I was in the hospital. Uh, hello..admitted to the hospital with possible heart problem = stress = probable high blood pressure maybe??? I know at least twice when I asked the nurse what my blood pressure results were after they took it, they were fine. (Once was right before the tread mill test.) 😲

I'm sorry. Now I'm just venting about the ER doc and I am sure he was just trying to get me to realize that I need to make some changes. It just is that now I am constantly thinking of my heart and any time I feel a little funny I stop and try to figure out if it is something more serious than just gas. 😝

I did start tracking my food yesterday and hubby and I are trying to take a walk every day. Need to put this "taking care of myself" on the front burner now, I guess. Probably would help to find my blood pressure cuff, too, huh. 😄

Thanks for "listening". Just needed to talk. If anyone has any suggestions, advice, helpful hints, please feel free to pass them along. This is pretty much uncharted water I'm sailing through right now.
Take care and have a good week!
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    emoticon I am so glad you are OK! I completely understand about being shocked by the ER Doctor. I had a Doctor talk to me like that once about cancer on my cervix. I had not hear that word before in relation ship to the condition at the time and I was so shocked and horrified with no cushioning words from him to help! I am sorry that you experienced that poor bedside manner as well. emoticon The good thing is that now you have all the facts and you can move forward. I guess what I would do is research for myself what the best things to do are, the best exercise, the best foods, yoga ...all of that ...and then make a plan. I say go simple at first, making changes that seem easy and doable then make more changes as you feel able. I like the idea of tracking too.

    You can do this! You can take control of your situation! I believe in you and know that you are smart and strong and will turn tis experience into something positive. Just take care of yourself, focus on yourself and most of all be KIND to yourself. You are well loved here and elsewhere..be sure to give yourself the love you very much deserve as well.
    emoticon Ronna
    1642 days ago
    I hate to say it but this sounds like a wake up call. Just start making little positive changes that add up to big ones that you can stick with. Keep sparking and make your healthy your # 1 priority. You have the knowledge, you just need to apply it to every day living. Praying for you!
    1642 days ago
  • THOMS1
    emoticon Keep tracking and get more exercise in is the best advice I can give. I wish you success. emoticon
    1642 days ago
    1643 days ago
    Quite the scare. I'm glad you were able to vent your feeling so well.
    My first instinct is to suggest deep breathing/meditation. You don't need to be stressed right now. But it is certainly normal to be so.
    My husband had a stent put in in 1999, then five years later they found a valve problem and took care of that plus a bypass. He is doing just great. Was able to run through the airport with me last week (or walk fast, anyway) without any ill effects.
    They watch his blood sugar very closely even though he is not diabetic, either. The combination is not good so you want to watch your sweets.
    Good luck. You are going to be just fine.
    1643 days ago
    Just keep tracking your food and make sure you are eating healthy. The exercise
    should be helpful too. emoticon
    1643 days ago
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