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Little bit of a grump

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey guys. I have to say I have a bit of a grump going on today, although it's hard to maintain since it's so gorgeous outside emoticon

I had the sort of surprise job interview on Wednesday. I thought they said they would let us know Thursday. I really hope I misunderstood though, because I have heard nothing. emoticon I really, really, really wanted that job, and not just to, you know, keep making money when I lose my current one at the end of the month. I REALLY loved that place, I had such a good feeling about it. Everything seemed perfect. It seemed like The Answer to why all these bad things happened to me this year (getting rejected from grad school, losing my job).

It was at the University of Maryland (ACADEMIA! NOT INDUSTRY!!!!!!!) That was my main reason for excitement, as many of you know I want to get out of industry science and into academia instead. It was just amazing, I was there for 3.5 hours. They didn't even ask me any questions. Oh, I'm sorry. They asked me one question. "Are you afraid of rats?" LOL. I met another research assistant, Lily, who I fell in love with the second I met her. People, that is monumental for me. I NEVER like people when I first meet them, EVER. It has happened to me twice in my life- my boyfriend, in 2006, and my best friend in 2005. Other than that, I'm always suspicious when I meet a new person. I sort of look you up and down and think to myself, "Well, we'll see." People have to grow on me. For a long time. So liking Lily right away sort of floored me and made it seem even more perfect and like The Answer that I talked about earlier.

I don't know, I can't shake that good gut feeling that it was just so RIGHT. I really hope I'm just being negative and pessimistic and maybe they will still call or email or whatever, but I'm losing hope. They're in a hurry to get these new research assistants because the project starts October 1 and I really did think they said they were letting us know Thursday... *sigh* I'm just so sad about it. It would be an amazing opportunity for me especially in the long run. They were all excited to hear I wanted to go to grad school too, and talked about how this position would help me so much with that. ARGH! I WANT THAT JOB!

Anyway, I've been so stressed out this week that I've been avoiding CrossFit when I need it the most. I went yesterday morning, and it was so fun. The owner's dog Finnigan was there again. He is the cutest thing ever. He came and sat on me on the rower before the WOD. The clock started counting down and I couldn't get him to leave! He is so precious.

I did hurt my back again though, but not as bad at usual. I would give it a 5 on a scale of 1 (not injured) to 10 (normal slipped disc, can't walk) I can still function as long as I am careful. Another reason I would have loved that job- I would have had good insurance and I could go see the physical therapist whenever I wanted. I need to do the exercises he prescribed for me. He says my problem is my core is not strong enough to support my spine during heavy lifts and that makes sense to me. I had a bad habit of neglecting my core when I worked out on my own and now everything is unbalanced because of it.

However, if I build up my core, then I can build up my back muscles, which should protect my discs. Hooray! Now I just need to DO IT. And lose these extra 13-15 fat pounds I have acquired lately. They're not helping anything at all.

Thanks for reading guys. And let's hope I misunderstood about Thursday and that job is still a possibility emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Core strength is a biggie. Weak abs and weak glutes will screw you up something fierce...fortunately, there are things you can do to correct them :)
    1615 days ago
    Good vibes coming from me! Maybe they meant this Thursday?
    1615 days ago
  • GHK1962
    I agree with a lot of what the others have been saying...and Getstrongrrr and fruityful were on the mark too I think.

    And ... hoping you do get a call this coming week.
    1616 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Remember, if one door closes, another one opens, maybe there is a better door that you just haven't seen yet. Best of luck to you!!
    1616 days ago
    1616 days ago
    Maybe they meant this Thursday coming up, not last Thursday.
    I hope things work out for you!
    1616 days ago
    I work for a university and it took them forever to finally get me hired! The department hiring me had to go through HR and they had to do the background check and credit check, etc. I thought I'd been passed over. But, I eventually got the call and I've been working there for almost 7 years now!

    If they did say they'd know by Thursday, they might not have taken into account the slowness of the folks in HR. Don't give up hope! I'm crossing my fingers for you. Sounds like a great place for you to work!

    1616 days ago
    I am sending positive vibes your way and I wish you luck!
    1616 days ago
    Time is a different concept when hiring is involved.
    I understand your feelings on this.

    Good luck!

    1616 days ago
  • WINNIE1978
    Crossing my fingers that you misunderstood the call back time for the job. Maybe they meant THIS Thursday?
    1616 days ago
    Hmmmm....sometimes bureaucracies are slow....let's see what happens Monday. By Tuesday/Wednesday, it would be appropriate for you to call and follow up with whoever did the interview. Say something like, "I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to interview, I'd like to follow up and ask if there's any more information I can provide you and to see if you're intent is still to hire on or about 1 Oct?"

    Then let them do the talking....good luck!
    1616 days ago
    Hope things work out!
    1616 days ago
  • DARJR50
    Hope you hear from them
    1616 days ago
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