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I Need To Fight The Fat Instead Of Fighting Myself...

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I know there is not one person here on Spark who doesn't already know that this losing weight stuff is hard. emoticon There are times of emoticon's and emoticon's where things are easy and breezy and nothing can get in your way. Then there are the times where nothing goes right, you eat everything, and you are your own worst enemy. emoticon

I have been like a rubber ball bouncing all over the place lately! One day I'm super excited about my doctor's appointment, the next day I'm asking for advice on how to hold my ground against the Binge Monster. I couldn't be on two more opposite ends of the spectrum from day to day if I tried. emoticon Today what I realized is the only person standing in the way of me getting what I want (getting to my goal weight) is ME. I am sure some of you can relate to this... there is NO worse feeling than knowing that you are self sabotaging and making things harder on yourself.

In the past my Self Saboteur would come in after I would lose about 40 pounds, and beat me down emotionally until I said "You are right, I CAN'T do this, I will ALWAYS be fat" and I would go back to my old ways and gain all the weight back. This happened 3 times in life. This time I got all the way to the 50 pounds lost mark before she tried to beat me to a pulp. But this time I knew her game, I knew how she worked and I fought her tooth and nail until I won. She is so sneaky that she left me alone for a while... but she's back, and she's not pleased! emoticon

Here I sit, what should be 80 pounds lost but is probably 78 because I've gained 2ish pounds recently emoticon, and she is back with a vengeance. I feel like I am fighting myself on a daily basis the last 9 or so days;. She has teamed up with the Binge Monster and they are the dynamic duo! I am eating too much, too many calories, my tummy is not happy with me and yet I have done it probably 5 of the last 9 days. Why now? Why 18 months into my journey is she fighting me again? I really believe she is scared, she is scared of what happens when I get to my goal weight. People around me are already starting to change and I have even lost friends that can't handle the "new, smaller, awesome-er me". What other changes are in store? It is scary, change is scary, but it is something that I want so badly and I can't give up on it.

This time has to be different, I can not, and will not gain back those 80 pounds. In fact I will do just the opposite and head towards 100 pounds lost instead. That will show my Self Saboteur who is boss! To do this I need to incorporate the tips from my fellow Spark Friends on how to deal with the Binge Monster, and I have to truly TRY to fight him. Telling him no and immediately giving in is not a true fight! So the gloves are on (or is it the gloves are off? I'm not a scrapper LOL) emoticon and I mean business. Self Saboteur is going down as well! You aren't going to bully me back into my old habits so I can gain the weight back and you can have the last laugh. It's not happening. I am going to work on forgiving myself for the mistakes I have made, and I am going to learn from them and even though I'm not perfect and will have many bumps in the road, I will continue to dust myself off and emoticon. I am going to take the energy that I have been putting into fighting myself, and start fighting the fat instead! emoticon I'm going to take it one day and more importantly one moment at a time, and I refuse to give up. So if Self Saboteur and the Binge Monster happen to be eavesdropping, IT'S ON SUCKERS! emoticon emoticon
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