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Saturday, September 21, 2013

9/21/13 – 140.8 (up .2)
Yesterday’s eating out and high sodium is showing. Last night’s dinner was salad, topped with some of the left over flank steak and I had some bowel upset this morning. Either my stomach didn’t like the raw kale/Romaine at night or the meat was off. Out it goes.

I woke to the generator coming on around 5 a.m. and then the rain started. Couldn’t sleep so am now up listening to the generator run, sipping tea, and waiting for the Sunrise. Power is back on now and I need to review my options and plans for today and the future.

I have regained about ten of the twenty plus pounds I lost when I went on the Eat To Live program a couple of years ago. Eating that way seemed easy for over a year especially when I was losing weight. But eating that way for the rest of my life wasn’t what I wanted. My husband doesn’t eat that way and I love cooking and entertaining. I love food. So I have to figure out another way to lose the weight and still maintain the kind of life and social activities I want. I keep trying for a balance between the low fat vegan and the occasional off plan meal. So far, it isn't working!!!!
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    I want a whole house generator too. Hubby is supposed to be buying one.

    I got too much sodium yesterday too but didn't have much appetite today and ate better.
    1579 days ago
    I agree with the above 2 comments. Take what you are doing now and do one thing at a time as far as changing goes - and as time progresses you may find that you are able to change 2 things at a time and so on. Rework recipes you love. Don't rush it. This is a change for life and so you have the rest of your life to work on it....just keep moving forwards, not backwards - as you don't want to spend the rest of your life working on changing, but actually at some point start enjoying the changes.
    I love the idea of changing ingredients - I exchanged yoghurt for cream in my mousse/ice cream recipe and I can enjoy it with visitors. Sometimes if I am planning a special mean - at least once a week, then I just eat fewer calories during the day. I also have the same food for breakfast everyday which makes it easy for me. I don't even have to think about that one in the rush at the start of the day.
    Same goes for exercise. Try until you find some you love and then you will enjoy what you are doing. I never thought I would like boxing and it was SO hard when I started I could barely do 2 minutes, but I gave it a good go for a while and once I could do 2 minutes and feel ok afterwards I realised I loved it. Now I am hooked and do 25 minutes at a time.
    Find what works for you and do it.
    All the best
    1580 days ago
    I know how you feel! As Lorelei says, one thing at a time. One step, one food, one exercise, whatever you choose. You will find it just like I will, in time.
    1581 days ago
    Yay!! I love the drawing board! That's where all of the great ideas come from!

    In my humble opinion....there's no rush to jump into something else. Take a few days to plan this right. Take inventory on where you are, on what have you learned, on all of the things you know now as true to a healthy living program and take from that...what did you like most, what did you like least, what would you like your meals, fitness and life to be moving forward? Be realistic and CUSTOM DESIGN a program that incorporates the things that worked for you before - things you're comfortable with and that your brain will remember doing from before and what skills you have NOW that you didn't have the last time you launched into a program.

    Also, I love food too! I think that we all SHOULD love food - REAL food. =) Over time I created or modified recipes and I now have an arsenal of items I can make and have items on hand for. But as we've been discussing - you an only work on making one change at a time. So....pick ONE recipe and try it. Give yourself a week to make it. There's no timeline... no pressure. Or just switch one condiment. For example, years ago I gave up Mayo and now I use Taziki (easy recipe - greek yogurt based) on everything as sour cream, cream cheese, mayo or any time I need a "wet" condiment in a dish or sandwich. Pico de gallo is another thing I use to put on anything to give it a light flavor, lots of water for hydration and it adds in live vitamins. =)

    Last, if you think you can handle it on foods that you know shouldn't be your meal but your brain is screaming for it... have just ONE taste. Your brain just wants to TASTE it. Once it has the taste it's interest moves on to the next "need". The 44 bites I used to take after it were partly habit, partly my addiction, and partly because I was using food to satisfy emotions and needs that I wasn't meeting for myself. =)

    We're here for you and looking forward to seeing what you decide you're going to do next! =) How exciting!! =)
    1581 days ago
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