I Like Technology As Much As the Next Guy, But ...

Friday, September 20, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Spark Alert so ...

(Which really means – this blog post has no Spark value whatsoever. Read at your own risk.)

So anyway ... today as I was at work I decided to use the restroom. (Don’t worry, this is NOT a potty story.) As I was washing my hands I put my hand under the soap dispenser, got some soap, washed under the water, then dried my hands.

Simple right?

Well, here’s the thing. In the restroom at work, the soap dispenser, water faucet, and towel dispenser are all hands free. You know, the ones where you stick your hand under it and soap comes out. Stick your hands in front and the water starts running. Stick you hand in front of the paper towel dispenser and towellettes scroll out.

What? That still does not seem weird to you?

Not to worry, it didn’t seem bizarre to me at first too. In fact, a co-worker at the sink thought nothing of it either.

But as I was washing my hands it did occur to me.

“Why is the soap dispenser automated?”

My seemingly wise co-worker said it was so people did not have to touch it and get germs.

Oh. Ok. Makes sense.

So I finished up, opened the restroom door (non-automatic, germified handle mind you), and started the trod back to my desk.

Electronic soap dispenser? Helping to stop the spread of germs? Waiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute.

It’s soap. About 1 second after it’s dispensed you start to wash your hand. Effectively killing all the germs.

One second.



We actually NEED an electronic hand soap dispenser to dispense soap even though we will be washing our hands with said soap within a second?

Sometimes advancements in technology stun me. (Ok, admittedly, it stuns me most of the time.) But this just appears plain silly to me. A waste of energy. I am going to start boycotting such things from now on.

That’s right ... from now on, no hand-washing for this guy!

(C’MON people ... I was kidding about the non-handwashing...seriously ... I promise. I was only joking. And to show I am telling the truth, I’m willing to shake on it! *sticks out my hand for a shake*)
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    True story: the health complex at my university comprises the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Graduate Biomedical Science (I'm in the last one). Everyone takes some form of microbiology/immunology. As a result, any time you go into a restroom and end up washing your hands at the same time as someone else, it becomes a contest to see who can REALLY wash their hands for the full prescribed 20 seconds it takes to kill germs. The more you know...

    However, our soap dispensers and towel dispensers are not automatic while the sinks in 90% of the bathrooms are. And a few even have hot water, which is pretty amazing.

    1609 days ago
    I was in a store some where and they had a door butler. In this case it wasn't a person but a little metal thing at the bottom of the door you could hook your shoe on and pull open the door with no touching. Now that was thought through.

    1636 days ago
    Personally, I think an automatic door would be much better on a bathroom. We all know that not everyone washes their hands when they leave and they touch the door. If the door opened automatically, we would not have to touch the grossed out germy door!!!

    I think the auto-soap dispensers were supposed to be less wasteful. Obviously, whomever invented them did not think that one through. There is more waste with it when it drips on the floor or the sink after the hand is removed, because people keep trying to get it to work!!!

    Okay, done now!!!
    1637 days ago


    (I also am kidding. I also promise.)

    1639 days ago
  • SARIC3
    I have those thoughts as well. - but sometimes I think its just for product control.
    1639 days ago
    Yes, sometimes they really overcompensate. I think the auto hand soap dispensers, though, are supposed to be less messy (and harder to steal - but then again, who would steal soap?). I'm not sure they actually ARE less messy, but I think that's one of the supposed perks. Makes a bathroom clean. Or, um, something like that.
    1639 days ago
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