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Mom update

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mom is out of immediate danger. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. I am so very grateful for them.

It turns out that she isn't actually bleeding internally. We burn through red blood cells on a regular basis; we dispel them through sweat and urine and such, and our kidneys tell our body to make more red blood cells accordingly.

Mom's kidneys are now so weak and subfunctional that they no longer signal the body to make red blood cells. She has to start kidney dialysis, but she wanted to go on one last vacation before she started. She went to her doctor last week, who told her that she needed to get a iron pack and a blood transfusion. But since she has had so many transfusion over the last couple of years it makes her blood very difficult to match due to antigens, so she didn't want to wait for the blood to be ordered, which would have disrupted her vacation schedule, and decided to wait until she returned from vacation and at that point her blood numbers weren't that bad.

Well go figure, the morning they were to leave it all went south. She was lucky to have made it to the hospital in time because she was in heart failure due to the fact that her blood level was so low. The doctor said if her body wasn't used to running on low she never would of made it. Then the big problem came--the only blood to match was in Salt Lake. It was basically over (do not resuscitate papers and all Ugh) And then we got our miracle: someone in the hospital had blood that was close to hers and didn't need all the blood that they had ordered from Salt lake. It was a bit risky but her only chance and thank God it worked.

She burned through that blood really fast because it wasn't a perfect match, but close enough to hold her until 4 in the morning when the good stuff got there. Now her numbers are up and with dialysis and the occasional transfusion we get to keep her with us for a little longer. Thankfully she is so determined to be here she just keeps fighting.
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