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Trusting in your body?

Friday, September 20, 2013

One thing that my beau and I enjoy watching on the tv is American Ninja Warrior. The people who do parkour always inspire me to get up off my butt and go run around the park doing mad flips and jumps....too bad its on at like 10pm lol! (Jessie LaFlair is my favorite parkour guy..he is on youtube, btw)

While I love seeing how good of shape everyone is in, I cannot fathom having that much awareness of where my body is in space to be able to trust it. I mean, I usually tend to look down when I walk just to make sure I am not (well, probably not) going to trip and fall.
I know when I was young, I ran all over the neighborhood, climbed trees, and other assorted things like that.

In regards to balance and trust in knowing where my body is in space is;
Is it weight, age, fear, natural inability, or just something that I need to relearn? Is it something that CAN be learned at my age? Or should I just stick to the 'safe' things that I know I can do?

On another note...I had another interview today and I am pleased to say that both the commuting and the interview went much better! Although to be honest, the bar was not set very high after yesterday's happenings, lol!
After yesterday, I felt pretty darn accomplished getting out of bed without falling over!

Take care and love yourself!
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  • KAREN608
    I am in same boat about balance and you are doing better than I as you can ride a bike! I think we do improve with use of our muscles.

    Glad you day was better after the challenging one.
    1642 days ago
    So glad your day went better today!!

    I, too, think that you can re-learn awareness (well said by HILLSLUG98239.)

    Go for it!!

    1646 days ago
    Great on the interview! I'm happy just not tripping over clouds of air, myself!

    1646 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    I think you can re-learn awareness. Practice it. While you're riding, feel the air moving past your skin.While you're walking, listen to all the sounds around you: animals, other people, cars, doors. We tend to shut ourselves off from the outside world. I admit to being so lost in my own thoughts sometimes that I don't see an obstacle until I'm about to run into it.

    I have a cheap wobble board. I often stand on it while I'm watching television, especially when my legs are tired. A wobble board helps improve balance by improving the communication between your eyes & ears, brain, and legs. Your ears & eyes tell your brain you're beginning to wobble; your brain sends messages to your legs; your legs activate the small muscles in your lowers legs to keep you up right. You can do much of the same by standing barefoot and lifting one foot off the ground by an inch or so. I can do the wobble board for a considerable amount of time, but I can only stand on one leg for a minute or so.

    I've heard snowboard instructors tell beginners that your body will go wherever you're looking. If you look at your feet, you'll end up on the ground. Keep looking where you want to go. It's something I've had to concentrate on in cycling: when I'm cornering, my instinct is to look right in front of my front wheel. It's safer to look where I want the bike to end up. This became easier as I learned to trust my body. I know I will react quickly enough to avoid crashing if my front wheel starts to slide. (A few weeks ago, a pedal clipped a curb when I was going around a corner. I was quite pleased that I did not crash!)

    Remember, though, that if you're learning new skills, it takes practice and patience. Don't beat yourself up when something goes wrong - treat it as a learning experience. (Not that long ago, I would have crashed when my pedal clipped the curb!)

    Congrats on the interview and the bike commute going well. YAY! emoticon
    1646 days ago
    Never saw the show! Regarding the balance when we work our core it helps the balance. Also two years ago I went to a talk by a balance expert. When we walk we should NOT look down at our feet as we are more likely to fall. Rather we should be looking several feet I. front of us as then we will be standing take and straight. A person also should not walk with there hands in their pockets. If you do start to fall your hands can help brace it. If they are in your 10K jets you might not have enough time to react. emoticon
    1646 days ago
    Boy, do I know what you mean! We can be our own warrior, just at our own pace! emoticon Have a great day! emoticon
    1646 days ago
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