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Outside my comfort zone...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

First let me say that the woman from FS finally called me this morning. The interview took all of five minutes. Now was that so hard? Glad it is done and I don't have to think about it for a while. Though the House passed the cuts to FS, so who knows how long I will receive them. Sigh. Politicians should have to try and live on Disability and FS for a month or two see how well they manage. But that wasn't what pushed me out of my comfort zone today.

We went on a moonlight paddle up in Buffalo. Originally it was going to be on the Tonawanda Creek, but they switched it at the last minute to the Buffalo River. We got there and introduced ourselves to a couple people on the War Canoe team who we were going to paddle with. Turns out they had 5 people for the War Canoe, but needed 6 people to really make it work, so guess who stepped up to try something new? You guessed it... Me! So number one item outside my comfort zone was meeting new people, number 2 was paddling a canoe, and number 3 was paddling a canoe with 5 other people which requires a LOT of synchronization. The hardest part of this paddle for me was keeping my strokes short enough. In the kayak I put the paddle in near my toes and pull back to my hip. In the War Canoe you put in at your toes and pull back to your knee. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is HUGE. Also you have to try and keep your paddle vertical. and there is only one blade instead of two like you have with a kayak. We were flying pretty good in that canoe though. Jeremy had to work to keep up with us. It is probably good I didn't try and paddle Peri as I would have been left in the dust! We paddled about 7 miles upstream in the Buffalo River before it became just too shallow. It took us about 2 hours to paddle 14 miles.

Tomorrow I am going back to my normal routine for the 731st day of my fitness streak. Yep, if I can accumulate 120 minutes tomorrow then I will have successfully completed 2 years of 120+ minutes of intentional fitness every single day. That is 2 full years!! I am a little tired just thinking about it. LOL! I haven't checked in the past couple days but last time I checked I was over 145,000 total accumulated fitness minutes since I joined SP. No wonder I lost weight!
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