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Maybe I should take the "Apple a day..." thing literally...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today was another doctor visit, this time with my pcp. As I have mentioned {bitched about} before, my weight has not been going down. I was prepared to not see a loss on the scale. What I was not prepared for was a 4 lb gain in the last 2 weeks. Yes, yes, I know... weight fluctuates, different clothes, etc etc etc... the bottom line is that I have been trying to eat better and workout for 2 weeks. And instead of losing weight, I GAINED 4 LBS! That is wrong, unfair and infuriating. I seriously considered throwing a tantrum right there in the office.

Alright, so, okay... 4 lbs... that sucked, but I'll live. So, hike up my sleeve and get ready for my bp test. My bp is always fine, no reason to be concerned. EXCEPT THIS TIME IT WAS 131/90!! W.T.F! Last time it was 128/72. At that point I was seriously about to fly into a nuclear meltdown on the doctor's table. I have been eating right and exercising and my reward is a weight gain and increase in blood pressure?!!?! Am I the only one who see's how wrong that is???

Okay, I'm going to admit. I wasn't perfect during that time. I acknowledge that. But I was good 90% of the time, and all I got was weight gain. I could have handled not seeing a loss, but up 4 lbs? I would have preferred if she had just slapped me.

Since things were already going so fabulously, I was anxious for the dr to come in. When she did, she told me I need to be on Lipitor. My cholesterol is high, and I wasn't surprised... but man, I was hoping that at 33 I didn't already need a statin. Alas... but she did say I might be able to get off it with some hard work. So there's a goal to aim for I guess.

Amid this $hit storm, there were a few good things. Primarily that I like my new doctor and her office. A LOT. I have never been treated so nicely at a medical facility, ever. And I have been to more than my share of medical facilities. So that was nice. My doctor herself is very friendly and very patient. She carefully answers any question I ask, and asks me questions about things and actually listens to the answers. That's rare. Or maybe I just get bad doctors. But anyway... she's great, they're great. If I had to get bad news, at least it was delivered gently. I shudder to think how that appointment would have gone down if it had been with my old doctor! Yikes!

We talked about exercise for a bit, and she told me she wanted me to swim. She said that at my size, much weight bearing exercise would probably lead to injury. Which has obviously been true... plantar fasciitis, bone spur, back problems, hip problems, etc. She wants me to swim because it would be gentle on my body, but still provide a good workout. That was music to my ears, except for one small problem... I have no access to a pool. I love to swim, but my bathtub is kinda small, and that's all I got. She left it at "try to find a way to swim". Because I am incredibly fortunate, my grandmother said she would pay half the membership fee for as long as I go at least 2 times/wk, every week. {Barring illness, of course.} So YAY! I'm following doctor's orders AND getting to be in the pool. Win-win!

Aside from all this stuff, today was a wash. I won't even bore anyone with all the suckiness of it. We'll just go with "today sucked" and leave it at that. We did do our grocery shopping, though. That was good. I bought several kinds of fruit, some fresh veggies, some frozen veggies, some canned beans, some organic eggs and milk, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting. Anyone notice what's missing? Meat! I'm really going to try to make it from tomorrow morning til next Thursday without eating any meat {unless I get fancy and buy some organic meat}. I want to see if it makes a difference in how I feel. I have a week's worth of meals all planned out, so we'll see how it goes!

And with that... it is almost bedtime, and I'm ready to close the chapter on this day and move on to the next. The ironic part is that I ate poorly yesterday and today... but I managed to make it through the night last night without eating. Oh well, I still get a sticker! Hope everyone has had a lovely Thursday!

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    Your grandmother earns a spark support trophy! She's investing in you, that's got to feel good.

    emoticon closest thing they had to a ferret)
    1487 days ago
    Don't give up! emoticon
    1489 days ago
    Yay on the swimming. I love it! Goggles and swimming ear plugs really help. For me, swimming has built strength (and now some cardio) and it feels amazing to be "light" for the time I am in the water. I kind of hate getting out, because I can feel my body getting heavy again.

    I record my swim lengths and how it felt - first time I went swimming back in January I had 15 minutes in me before I had to quit. And I do a weird, modified breast stroke that is not very strenuous.

    Now I can swim for an hour and I quite because I'm bored, not unable to keep going. Which is why I started learning how to do the crawl six weeks ago (now that's aerobic). I've gone from having to use the kiddy steps to get in AND out of the pool to being able to use the little steel ladder and even getting out that way is getting almost easy. I've built a huge amount of arm, leg, and core strength without the pain of using gym equipment. It's the resistance of the water that does it gently and incrementally as long as I go regularly.

    In six weeks, I think you will be blown away by how much better your bod y feels (and how much more agile you are on land, too).

    Hey- on the apple a day? Do it. It actually does help with cholesterol.

    Have a great weekend.
    1489 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    Sorry to hear that you had such a rough day. Like you said, close the chapter on this day and move on. Hope you have a better weekend!
    1489 days ago
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