Rest of the week wrap up

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Breakfast has been the same all week: 2 eggs & chia seeds topped with avocado and uncured canadian bacon

Lunch has been chicken w/salad, apple chicken sausage w/salad, apple chicken sausage w/tomato & feta, and pork chop w/tomato & feta

Snacks were olives, cheese, raw cashews, coconut butter

Dinner: Grilled burger topped with grass fed cheddar & sauteed avocado

Baked pork chop topped with zucchini, eggplant, & avocado sautéed in ghee

Turkey cutlet with prosciutto & provolone topped with avocado & leek

Tues: 66%f-25%p-9%c
Weds: 73%f-18%p-9%c
Thurs: 67%f-24%p-9%c

Took a trip to Trader Joe's

Got a pumpkin tree! Yes, it's real!!

I've been keeping up with my workouts. Last night I really hurt my knee halfway through. I kept going with some major modifications and iced it when I was done. It still hurts today :( even hurts to squat down to get something out of the cabinet. To avoid doing any more damage I decided not to do my workout today. I'm ok with walking so I thought maybe I could do a little on the treadmill. First, I took Meadow for a walk and when I ran across the street *bam* there was the pain again...sooo no treadmill because I know when a really good/fast song comes on I speed up and jog/run and that would just be bad. I'm really hoping tomorrow it will be back to normal!

I have a super busy weekend ahead so I'll try to take pics and make some Spark time to blog and catch up with everyone!
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