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Thursday, September 19, 2013

but it doesn't have to do with anything relating to exercising and weight loss. I have made a personal quest on finding my biological father and so far it has been nothing but frustration and meeting dead ends. It doesn't help that everything I've grown up with has been lies and no one wants to talk! My big question is why?

A lot of people have told me to just let it go, it happened for a reason, but it's important to me, I want to know! I mean is there anything wrong with me wanting to know, it's not like I am going to force my way into this man's life, I just want to know who he is and what happened. Talking to my mother only makes me angry because she still wants to make me believe that my stepfather is my biological father when through out the years he has admitted he isn't, and family members from her side have accidentally blurted out that he isn't. Growing up I've seen the difference in treatment between my younger sister and I by my stepfather, which clearly screams who is his real daughter and who isn't, so of course I guessed it early on.

This was confirmed to me by my aunt who moved back to Houston a few years back, and even though I knew the truth her confirmation still hurt.Unfortunately my aunt left her home in Honduras way before I was born and really never had contact with my mom or her family so she's in the same page as I am. The one's that do know, don't want to say anything or give me different information. One gives me a name and another says no it isn't him, it's someone else, etc. ! I just want to scream :(

I feel like I am wasting my time and money, and no matter what I do I'll never figure this out. I want to know, I mean there are so many things in play here. I might have brothers and sisters I don't know about, who knows, if he is willing I might get to have a father-daughter relationship that I never had with my step father, maybe it will bring me insight to why I am the way I am. I am really upset, sometimes more with my mom, I guess since she is the one that knows and want to make me believe that all is well. She knows I know the truth and she wants to keep pretending otherwise. I know she with held telling me that my biological father had come to the US looking for me, and I only found out about this from my cousin, who only just told me too! My cousin claims to want to help me, but I feel is also not telling me everything either.I don't know who to believe anymore.

Everyone I talk to remembers him but for some reason they don't know who he is, what his name is, where he lives, even though they claim he often visited them to find out information about me, so how does that make sense, I don't know! How am I supposed to believe that! Apparently the name of the man on my birth certificate isn't the name of my real father either, so again another dead end there.

Okay i feel better, just needed to get that out of my system. I'll be fine, and I guess I just have to continue digging.
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  • PICKIE98
    IS he from Honduras? Are yo on facebook? How a bout churches? Were you baptized? Sometimes law students will take on projects to solve a case.. is there any way you could approach a law school and see if there is a class that does this/ An attorney may help if you can afford, but if not, would your stepfather be willing to help?

    It sounds like your mother has warned the entire family to NOT tell you the truth. how sad and cruel. This is between you and your mother. IT is a power thing,, it must be embarrassing for her if she will not tell. This father of yours must want to find you so badly hon.. I will pray that God sends you to him or vice versa..
    Would your Madrina` or Padrino help you, if they truly loved you??? How about the priest who baptized you???
    1582 days ago
  • PJ2222
    emoticon emoticon
    1644 days ago
  • EG8383
    This has to be very frustrating to say the least. I have seen and read stories about more insane situations and one day out of nowhere things fall into place and the truth is clear and people meet. I think you should come to peace know that you have tried REALLY hard and that's all you can do. Hopefully this has opened several doors that you may not see open at this time and one day in the future you'll know who your biological father is. If it's true that he looked for you when you were younger then he'll learn about you looking for him now and hopefully you two can reunite for some closer for your sake and his and have all if not most of your questions answered. Be strong and don't give up. Hugs!
    1645 days ago
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