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Are you kidding?! Now Mom in hospital

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now? My mother is in the hospital. Yesterday they didn't think she was going to live. Normal red blood cell levels are a 9-10. People die when they drop to 6. Mom's were 5.7. Because of her previous health problems and the number of blood transfusions that she has had means that she has antigen reactions to most blood, so they have to have very specific mixture of blood.

Which they did not have at the hospital. My sister, who lives in Montana, too, was called to race to the hospital to be able to say goodbye. Miraculously, they found some blood that had been sent to the hospital for another patient's surgery who hadn't used it. It wasn't a perfect match, but it was all they had left to try. When they gave her the blood, they had her sign a release saying that she understood that the blood could stop her heart.

Fortunately, it did not. But her body can't use the blood efficiently, so they keep having to give her more. The doctor says her heart and kidneys are so weak that they don't signal her body to make more blood cells so she just plain runs out of blood. I understand that her doctor told her last week that she needed a transfusion and an iron pack, but she was leaving on vacation and didn't want to delay it while waiting for the blood to arrive. She thought she could make it. Instead, she ended up in the hospital on the morning she was supposed to leave.

She is now not in immediate danger, but every blood transfusion damages her heart and kidneys even more, and she now has to go on dialysis. Basically, this is going to kill her in a matter of time. But not today.

I am kind of completely done with this year, and with hospitals.
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