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Internet? Internot!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sometimes the day starts in one direction, and before you know it - a diversion occurs and off we go at a tangent. As long as we remain flexible we can make the best, or more, from it.

I had made up my mind that I would visit my mother again today. The visits on Monday and Wednesday were enforced due to the other events associated with them. I wanted to just visit and spend some time, with no interruptions. So I did. It was good. I won't be able to see her now until next week, so the extra visit was a bonus.

The nursing home is opposite a Municipal Park. I often leave the car at the bottom and walk through rather than driving to the door. We don't have many parks like this in the area, and it's quite a contrast to Nature reserve that I usually show you.

I'm always amused by the entrance. It runs along beside the Parish Church. The path is on a slope, and it always looks as though the Church is crooked. I think the above picture shows what I mean.

Usually this particular park is a riot of colour. Not today. The flower beds are empty - ready for the planting of Spring Bulbs. What a disappointment, I was looking forward to showing you.

Round the corner, though, the Park opens out into a vast green area

and hidden away at the bottom is a little pond.

This isn't much of a picture, but take my word for it - under those weeping willows is a pond with ducks and a swan. I thought that would be my walk for the day. DH had a medical appointment, and in the past this has taken almost all day, however, everything ran smoothly, and we were home in no time.

That's when I discovered that there was something wrong with our internet. The signal was very intermittent, and it was very frustrating. One page would load, click a link to add food, etc, and the signal would go. This went on and on and..... Our internet provider actually has a self-test system, so you press a button and it goes through a series of tests before finally (after 5 mins or so) reconnecting.

But this went on......

and on......

and on............................

I had business to do, and I needed the internet...... so there was nothing else for it! I went for a walk

Did you guess that I couldn't stay away from the water? Well, I thought I show you something that amuses me. This is a picture of the canal, and the bank is perfect for launching a small boat. Small boats do use the canal, and in fact there is one just beside this point.

What amuses me? It hasn't moved for at least 3 years.......

You have seen this walk before, but I've already added a number of pictures to this post - I've copied and pasted after each one as the internet signal has dipped...... so I might curtail the next collection.

But I wanted to show you another first sign of the season. A bullrush. Before long there will be lots more.

The foliage on the banks is now top heavy and leaning over towards the water. This year's ducklings were everywhere, some now sporting there beautiful new plumage, others still adolescent.

Sadly I'm going to have to leave it there with no more pictures. The disappearing signal has defeated me, I'm guessing that it is partly due to the work being done by some workmen who are still currently down a hole in the road.. There were a few more things I wanted to show you, but words will have to do instead. After a while I left the canal and walked back through land that borders a military training area. There are paths that run off to the side, but they are not to be investigated when I'm on my own. It's one thing suddenly espying a muddy- faced camouflaged soldier when with someone, but it's a little 'freaky' if you are on your own!

I think that I've meandered on long enough. Hopefully the signal will repair itself by the morning. I was going to show you photographs of my favourite snacks, but that will have to wait.

Frustratingly Onwards and Upwards
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JACKIE15108
    Thanks for all the pictures. I enjoy going on my virtual walk with you. The area is so beautiful and I hope we get to see it through all the seasons. I am waiting to see the pond with the swans and ducks though!
    1549 days ago
    The internet, or lack of internet, can be very frustrating. It is hard to remember the time when we didn't know there would someday be such a thing. It is good that you choose to walk rather than doing something that would cause further frustration.

    My walk is Saturday. The marathon and half-marathon are on Sunday.

    Judy emoticon
    1549 days ago
    What a wonderful thing that you got to visit your mom again.
    Those Weeping Willows are just gorgeous! Our soil is not good for one, so I'm envious a bit when I see one. lol.
    Sorry about your internet troubles. I go crazy when ours goes down, for it's my connection to the world most days past our little forest hideaway.
    1549 days ago
    Beautiful walk!!!!
    1549 days ago
    Glad you got in a visit to your Mum. My internet was wonky all day long too. I won't even get credit for tracking yesterday as I did it after midnight. I was frustrated and walked down to the theatre and saw "The Butler". Our movies change on Friday so figured this was my last chance to see it. It was well done. I was just a child when all that civil rights stuff was going on. It was just stuff on the news to me...as was the war in Viet Nam. Didn't understand about the discrimination until I was in the Army and stationed in the south...and it does still exist.

    I love your ponds. I saved the picture of the swans swimming. We have a lovely city park in Great Falls, Montana and they have a great pond with ducks and swans and they winter somewhere else and ice skating is encouraged as soon as the pond freezes. One of my favorite places in the whole world. As I child I loved to feed the ducks and attend concerts in the band shell and then ice skate in the winter. I haven't been there in years and your blogs have made me think I need to get there before it freezes over for the season!
    1549 days ago
    I love your blogs. It's like I'm taking the walk with you!
    1549 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your walk with us, even if it was different, it still looks pleasant. Sorry you had connection problems. As another commenter said "What did we do before internet?"

    1549 days ago
    What did we do before the internet? We walked and talked that's what. Your part of the world looks very peaceful, yet so much happens.
    1549 days ago
    You see the most interesting things on your walks! Camouflaged soldiers, even. Wow!
    1549 days ago
    Beautiful blog, as always. I love the tours you take us on.

    1549 days ago
    Your walks always have such pleasant scenery, thanks for taking the time to share with us. My morning went somewhere, didn't even get on here till after 2 p.m., oh well, got my muffins made for our coffee hour here tomorrow morning, they are cooling on the kitchen counter. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

    1549 days ago
  • 3016DEBRA
    I would love to be next to those weeping willows...takes me back to my childhood! emoticon Thanks for sharing your pics!
    1549 days ago
    Beautiful! emoticon
    It is pouring rain here- walking indoors today! Yup I'm feeling well enough to walk today! emoticon
    1549 days ago
  • GK1963
    Thank you for sharing - looks like a wonderful place for a walk.
    1549 days ago
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