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A nice summer day

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today I decided mainly to relax and enjoy the day. It's one of the last days of summer. My favorite season, and it was warmer than yesterday. So I went and sat at the pond, went and laid down under some evergreens (I've wanted to do that all summer, and finally did it today), then went and laid down on a picnic bench with the sun shining on me...until a chipmunk saw me and had to complain about it. Then I went back to the pond. I did see a couple kinds of turtles there. It was neat to sit on the bench there because, though it is practically buried in spearmint, it smells so good to be surrounded by such! :)
I saw a couple butterflies too.
I've had a problem with my skin for awhile now- a year likely. I've wanted to deduce what it could be on my own. I'd try to see if it was an allergic reaction to this food or that (since I know I'm allergic to some, since I was skin tested when I was a teen), but know you can add allergies any time.
My skin was actually getting better being on this new way of eating, and then I would break out again here and there. I decided to keep notes on it- what I ate and when I broke out. My daughter gave me a sugar free cookie she'd made, and I had it today. My tummy was not happy with it. I decided to look up the sugar substitute and it didn't seem to be that (erythritol), so somehow I kept looking and ended up at a site about celiac disease and oh my goodness, it showed a woman's arms that look just like mine. It said that you can get it on your scalp too- which I've also been dealing with. Other places too- which I have (my belly currently). I know it's not psoriasis- my mom and brother have that. It's different. It went on to say you can develop celiac disease if you have thyroid problems. Well, yeah, I do. So I went back and looked, and sure enough, it's after I've had things that had to do with gluten that I've broken out. Even the cheap oatmeal (I was surpised that even soy crop can be rotated with wheat crops and so cause problems with gluten in soy products). So I'm going to go gluten free in hopes my arms will be all cleared up soon. My scalp too!
I thought I'd be writing a blog last night but I was just too tired when I got home from my daughter's house.
It had been fun sealing canning jars of shredded cabbage, romaine lettuce I'd torn up. Also put some machine washable shelf liner in one set of cabinets yesterday.
Today I sealed some celery and some matchstick carrots I'd previously just plain put in canning jars. So cool to have them neatly lined up in the fridge, knowing they're going to stay nice and fresh and so easy to get into and to seal back up afterward!
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