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It's alive! and other random stuff

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I've had people laugh at me because I tend to think inanimate objects have personalities, but you'll never convince me they don't. I've known for years that computers are not only alive but malevolently intelligent. Well, I'm discovering that my stand mixer is also quite an "individualist."

(And yes, that's my actual mixer.)

Kneading dough in it has turned out to be an adventure. It does a fantastic job and definitely beats the socks off of fifteen minutes of hand-kneading and trying to clean flour and bits of dried dough off the counter. However, I've noticed that the dough likes to try to climb up the dough hook to the top of the bowl. I have to stop for a second periodically to push it back down. Also, the thumping and banging of the kneading process tends to loosen the lock that holds the head down. Basically, I stand there with one hand on the lock knob. I don't know if it's actually supposed to do that, but I'm not finding it enough of a problem to spend the money to get it fixed (it's out of warranty by now). It's still going to get a workout, with my next batch of bread getting baked on Saturday. I found a recipe for honey-whole wheat bread with bran cereal in it. It makes a single loaf and doesn't require a loaf pan. I suspect it's going to be my go-to bread recipe. Well, with an occasional side-step to try to make baguettes.

I finished preparing Friday's grocery order. I'm ordering a fourteen cup glass container with a snap-on plastic lid. That's going to be my "bread box," if you will. I was going to buy plastic wrap, but this generates no waste and is a one-time expense as compared to having to replace rolls of wrap.

I stayed home sick with a sinus headache today. I'm better tonight (the face no longer feels like it's going to explode), so back to work tomorrow. Meantime, I just knitted (a little) and watched TV. I saw a commercial for a famous ramen noodle maker who refers to cooking their products for your family. Meaning no disrespect, but I'm just not sure that pouring boiling water over something constitutes "cooking."

Watching Chopped and getting ready for bed. Okay, I'm a dirty old lady, but I think Marc Murphy, Ted Allen and Aaron Sanchez look a lot more delicious than the food!
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