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9/17/ Tuesday - Visit with the Cardiologist

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

emoticon at just how sick I am.

My visit went well. My heart is very sick and so is my body and I can tell he was very concerned. He is very PLEASED about my fitness and my positive attitude, and my high motivation. This food plan I am on is VERY HARD at least for me. It is my only hope along with exercise. He did change up my meds a little bit as he is VERY CONCERNED about my numbers. He asked me to please get a Fit Bit as well, another tool for myself (him) to monitor me.

I am doing well with my eating and exercising so far. I am on day 5. I have to fast and go in for my labs at end of month. I go see doctor on 7th of October. He wants my primary to check my AC1 (glucose test) it looks to be that I am diabetic now too, so he said since I never diagnosed with it, but looking at the numbers this means exactly that; however, I said, only time my numbers like this was heart surgery and now. He said, well, strict diet, either way and hopefully won't need to do meds or shots. Bottom line is that I am dying. There is no changing that fact, but I can prolong it, or at least trying too. It is sad to know that my father passed on at 72 and I have gone through what he has and in a short time and I am only 48. I have like 30 more years to make it to 78.... I want that opportunity.

He was happy to see me 5 pounds down...essentially 7 but I was up two from initial, so down only 5 since I lost those two pounds and 5 pounds additionally. They go from initial weight to new weight not the higher new weight.

I am pleased I am down but I have a long more ways to go. I am pushing to try to reach 223. I have reached 226, and up this morning 227. Took my lasix, eating good again still ... day 5. Today, not sure what I will get for exercise as I was WIPED out and stayed home. I have my fit bit zip on and tracking my steps. I left my player in car so no music even...darn it. Oh well, I will get some done. I know I may not sound as up beat, but I think it is because I am tired and on low side....

I am alive today!
I am day five of healthy healthy eating
I am making a trip in December
I am curious of how much I will be down by Christmas (I sure hope I make a serious dent between now and then)
I am happy my husband still loves me
I am happy that my step daughter does care and love me even with all the crap she put me through.

Wow that offend me, rude comments should be kept to yourself she is perfect the way she is. She is the best and more fit then I am. GO MOM YOU GOT THIS. LOVE YOU. emoticon

That is what she put on a comment on my page. My cousin made a comment that could be viewed as offensive or rude but was not meaning too. She was truly curious. Anyways, I was not offended but was surprised my step daughter caught it and made such a wonderful comment to stick up for me. It made me feel good.

Onward I go to log off, clean up for now. Being on the computer is not getting chores done or exercise done.
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