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Mulling It Over Monday/Or What's the Stagnation?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't know what made me think of this, but years ago I was with my Dad and something happened to our car -- don't even remember what. I couldn't have been more that ten. We pulled into a long lane of someone, no idea who. A young man traveled the length of the lane and came to see why we were parked there. When he pulled up beside the driver's side, Dad asked, "H'i'r?" I knew what he asked, but the young man didn't. This was Dad's short form of "How are you?" Don't even remember how the car need was taken care of, just remember Dad's "H'i'r'?"

Have not heard that phrase in years. Don't even know if anyone ever said it like Dad.

Maybe it was returning to the grange fair Dad attended every year, or all those cabbage meals I have been cooking that triggered the memory from over 45 years age.

That triggered another question Dad use to ask in our home. When we were preparing to go somewhere and he was sitting and waiting for the rest of us -- Mom, five brothers, and me -- he would ask, "What's the stagnation?"

When I know I should be doing something, and I am procrastinating, I can hear that question in my head, "What's the stagnation?"

I think it's the Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Syndrome. I think I know what cures the condition--Just Do It! or telling myself, "Git 'er Done!" and actually listening to my own advice.

I know I could have, would have and should have -- but for some stagnation reason, I didn't.

Ergo, my diet plan has been stuck for over a month. Oh, I am still tracking and remembering and trying to do what I should, but have fallen short of what I could, and doing some things I would not do the last time I was losing at least a half pound a week.

As Pooh would say, "Oh, Bother!"
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