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Missing In Action

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm afraid I haven't been online much lately. Work keeps me pretty much busy most days, and by the time I get home I just don't feel like it. Then add in I'm back in school now, and with the classes only being 8 weeks, that keeps me busy as well. After working 8-5 with an hour commute 5 days a week, and a 6 hour class every Saturday, I don't much feel like doing anything once Sunday rolls around.

I will admit that even though I haven't been trying as hard to work on my goals, I have made a few changes. I've cut back on my unhealthy snacks, and aside from an occasional Snack Pack pudding, it's usually yogurt, applesauce, fruit cups, or fruit that I snack on. Still working on cutting back the soda, but it's not several a day now at least, and usually none at all on the weekends since I've made a bigger effort not to keep any at the house. Haven't been able to cut back much further on my sugar intake with my sweet tea just yet. I may get there eventually, but it will take some getting used to.

Exercise wise I admit I really haven't been doing much. I do try and make the effort to take a break at work and take a walk around the field at least once a day several days a week. Once it starts cooling off I may do so more often. Again, at home I generally just have no energy once I get there. But my dog and I both need it, so again ready for the cooler weather so he and I can take walks a few times a week at least.

Medical wise, we've gotten my blood pressure under control finally. I've been making one month follow ups with the nurse at the local VA Clinic and my last one I was well within the normal range, almost spot on even, and that's never been me. I've always been a little higher, then progressively borderline until I was finally diagnosed with high blood pressure. I did expect it though since my dad (technically my blood grandfather) has it. I'd made changes to my diet with the salt intake, but I guess that didn't matter. Still having the recurring migraines and lower back pain. That makes me even less inclined to want to do anything.

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and not completely lost hope. Hope you all are well!

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