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Monday, September 16, 2013

I started juicing right after I was diagnosed with cancer. I had seen the movies "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and "The Gerson Miracle" several years ago on Netflix and became very interested in juicing at the time.

Right after watching those movies, I spent several days researching juicers and came to the conclusion that an expensive masticating juicer was what I wanted if I was going to juice. I even picked out an Angel juicer and put it on my wish list at Amazon. The particular juicer I wanted was very expensive and I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on something I had never done before. I never mentioned it to my husband, and I just let the idea sit on the back burner.

Fast forward to this August and my discovering I have a very agressive form of breast cancer. The day after my diagnosis, I told Jim I wanted two things. One was some beautiful deep wind chimes to hang on our deck and the other was the Angel juicer. Much to my surprise, he got both for me within a couple days.

Since then, I have discovered the wonderful world of juicing first hand. With a powerful masticating juicer, I can juice pretty much anything. Right now, since I'm also doing a ketogenic diet to try to starve the cancer cells and deprive them of a source of glucose, I juice mostly low carb veggies. I drink about 6 cups a day of dark green juices. Honestly, I love drinking them. They tend to taste exactly like what the orginal veggies taste like. Occassionally, if one turns out bitter, I just add some lime juice to it to cut the bitterness.

My husband has gotten into juicing too. His favorite is carrot and apple juice (two carrots and one apple). I tend to try to make my own little V-8 juices with around 8 or more different low carb veggies in my juice at a time.

I took some cool pictures of our juicing operation to post, but I'm not able to load them because SparkPeople says the files are too large and I can't figure out how to turn them into smaller files on this computer. So just use your imagination! My green juice is VERY GREEN and Jim's carrot juice is VERY ORANGE! All the fresh veggies and fruits look beautiful on the cutting board before they go into the juicer.

I don't really know how much the juicing is going to actually help fight the cancer, but I figure it can't hurt. Each glass of juice is just packed with fresh nutrients that get absorbed very quickly in the body. My hope is that juicing will help boost my immune system and give me more strength as I go through my other traditional treatments.

I'm actually amazed how much I like it.

Life is good!


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