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Quiet week predicted, afternoons are mine

Monday, September 16, 2013

So at my crazy job we have been asked to sit in the library. That roughly translates to, we plan to ignore that you're here so go sit someplace you have access to books and computers and we'll call if we need you. I think another school is having problems, because a lot of people have just been put into my ATR pool along with me. Let me explain really quickly, in NYC if your school gets closed you don't get fired. You get assigned to a building as a substitute teacher until you can find a permanent position in another school. Problem with this is that there is no hiring freeze so instead of the teachers who lost their schools getting new jobs, first year teachers are being hired instead to keep the cost of running the school down. As a sub, our salary is paid by central, if we're hired, the school pays. So, we can't be hired because the school's budget cannot cover our salaries. I have to be a sub like this and rotate to schools as I am assigned until someone can afford to hire me. Now, there are almost 1000 ATR's in this pool, more are added every time a school closes or down sizes. One school alone that is being closed just added about 120 senior teachers to the ATR pool, now they're all looking for jobs as well, but Principals can only afford to hire new teachers. Which brings me back to the library. I believe we now have 4 ATR's maybe even 5 assigned to this tiny school inside the Evander Childs high school building. I don't even think this school has 30 teachers on staff, that's how small it is. So to assign 5 certified teachers to act as subs makes for a crowded staff room that already has limited seating. This morning we were rounded up and placed in the library. This is ideal for me. No one ever comes in here from any of the schools, especially this early in the year. The temperature here is ideal, and as you can see I have use of a nice computer all week. I can watch movies now if I want, no guilt of anyone looking over my shoulder. No one even really uses the hallway the library is in because on either end is a different school, no need to trespass. This is a very quiet, out of the way place to hide out my time here. I am assigned to this school until the first Friday of October, and then I get rotated to a different school every week. I'm sure the person that came up with that plan failed all IQ tests as a child. No one with intelligence or common sense would come up with a plan like that on purpose. You'd probably save millions leaving us in one building for the year instead of utilizing personnel to rearrange the work assignment of 1000 people once a week. By having us here we are effectively separated from the body of the staff and outside the school and its culture, letting us know that we won't be utilized much. Plus the library door is locked from the outside all day long. Very few people, if any, come in here on any given day. Sad commentary, but if you want an empty room to hide in a school in NYC, use the library.

So enough about my crazy job. Let's talk about this week. As I've said before I'm a planner. This weekend I was so good (except for those cupcakes). I got all of the laundry done, and I mean all of it, it's even put away. Towels, bedding, all the summer clothes, my regular clothes, all of it is away. Then I went food shopping and got all of that done, even for the cats. I also completed the text book portion of my next Scuba certification for Enriched Air use. The house is pretty clean, still needs a dance with the vacuum, but the dishes are done and washed and put away. I cooked dinner last night and didn't leave any dishes out. I have all my breakfast and lunches planned out for the week and a good idea of what to make for dinner. I know what classes I want to go to at the gym, and what 5K workouts I need to do this week to catch up and keep up with my training for my October 27th event. Let's see what I keep up with this week. I want to stay on top of my workouts, my meal planning and my chores. I don't want to give up by Wednesday or Thursday night because I'm too tired or lazy to keep going right through to Friday. I want to accomplish a great week. I want to see weight loss by next Sunday once and for all. I'm not going to let this run away from me again after a vacation like I did with Arizona. I've been back 2 weeks I should have lost 4 more pounds already, even 5 with this gorgeous weather I should have been on my bike in the afternoon. No longer can I use getting back to work as an excuse. I'm back to work, I have my routine, I'm ready to get moving again.

Okay almost lost that entire blog, the internet is acting weird. I was thinking of taking the train to work, mostly for the walking aspect of it. It's a mile round trip to the station here at school, and it's a 3 mile round trip to the station at home. On days when the weather is nice, that would be some really good Fall walking to do for the next 3 weeks I'm assigned here. I wouldn't think of it as making my commute longer, I'd think of it as getting in more work out time during the day. That's 4 more miles to walk every day, that would be noticeable. I think it's a good idea. I can pick up a 10 trip ticket on the way home from work today and start tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be nice. I'd have to feed the cats earlier in the morning, but starting the day with a 1.5 mile walk to the train station would be glorious. Then it's a half mile down one street to the school. Two miles before I even start work in the AM, I think that's what Spark had in mind when we were asked to find new ways to get in exercise during the day. The thought of that fresh walk in the morning is making me smile. No stress from driving, just a beautiful walk through town to the station and then sitting on a comfy train. I think it's worth investigating. I wonder how much a 10 trip ticket costs and then compare that to running my car.

Time to do other things with my day, so I hope you all enjoy yours. Have a great Monday all!

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